Pokemon Go Players Now Won’t Find As Many Zubat, Rattata, Or Pidgey

Pokemon Go Players Now Won’t Find As Many Zubat, Rattata, Or Pidgey
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Developer Niantic brought several requested new features to Pokemon Go in the big new update it brought up recently. A day later, it is back again with some small tweaks. Pokemon Go players, as it looks, will not find as many Pidgey, Zubat and Rattata – the most common creatures – as they did before on their outdoor journeys.

Good news for fans

According to a tweet from developer Niantic, players may encounter other Pokemon where the most common Pokemon creatures were found. This means that now players will find more desirable and rare creatures instead of so  many common ones. It looks like the change has already been rolling out for Pokemon Go trainers, says Polygon. It is good for the augmented reality-based game, as even hardcore players are beginning to get annoyed with the game.

With this change, the gaming giant is addressing one of the biggest complaints with the location-based game: it is way too simple to find and hatch certain Pokemon in the course of daily playing but very difficult to find the mysterious creatures that players may be missing.

For trainers who are still on the hunt for less common Pokemon creatures, this is good news. Making changes to where Pokemon are located will eventually make it more fun and easier to catch all the Pokemon. Players are praising the change on the Pokemon Go “subreddit” community on Reddit. According to Business Insider, they are calling the change “proof that we are being heard.”

Some responses to the changes brought by the gaming company also indicate that what players really want is a good tracking system.

Also there were some who said, “We need Gen 2, Trades & trainer battles not spawn changes :(.”

Other recent changes to Pokemon Go

Niantic also made another change.

A tweet from the game developer read: “Professor Willow has discovered that Pidgey & Rattata no longer hatch from Eggs. He also found that Eevee now hatches from 5 km Eggs only.”

The gaming giant confirming the Eevee hatching change, adding that it makes things simpler for players who put in extra steps only to birth a normal kind of Pokemon, notes Polygon.

The developer announced earlier this week that players are also getting regular bonuses on the augmented reality-based game as part of an update. All these changes, hopefully, will give players reasons to check in with the iOS and Android app.

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