ORBI Prime: The World’s First 360-Degree VR Recording Eyewear

ORBI Prime: The World’s First 360-Degree VR Recording Eyewear
Image Source: ORBI Inc.

Are you an action camera enthusiast looking for a way to discard awkward mounts? Do you want the freedom to record without bringing attention to yourself and the flexibility that would bring? ORBI Prime, the World’s first action camera eyewear, offers those benefits and much more.

ORBI Prime, the action camera evolved

ORBI announced the launch of the ORBI Prime video recording eyewear on Indiegogo on Tuesday. Designed to replace, not complement, an action camera, this device could be about to set the video recording world alight. The reason is because the ORBI Prime packs powerful software and processors designed to make hands-free and mount-free recording in full 4K a new way of life.

orbi prime no mounts required
Image Source: ORBI Inc.

Your video, shot your way

While the action camera is a versatile piece of technology, often it is seen as an outdoors extreme sports tool. The developers of ORBI Prime saw the potential to open up the market to non-extreme sports users, and this is where the eyewear will stand out and keep a user mount-free.

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The fact that the device is a pair of glasses means that a user could record almost anywhere at any time. For example, imagine a child’s first school play, a concert by your favorite band, or even a wedding. Recording with the ORBI Prime would comfortably and easily save those memories for posterity and easy future access.

orbi prime technology
Image Source: ORBI Inc.

The technology

The developers at ORBI got together with ex-Electronic Arts people to produce the software behind the device. This software works in collaboration with four cameras discretely mounted on the frame of the eyewear. Together, they enable the device to produce video at up to 30 frames per second.

The eyewear has room for a single 128GB SD card for storage. Additionally, there’s built-in Wi-Fi, AAC Stereo audio capture, and a micro-USB charging port.

Indiegogo campaign

Launched on Tuesday, the ORBI campaign is set to last all month. Right now the campaign has a flexible goal set of $75,000, of which a staggering $42,560 has already been raised at the time of writing this. That’s a massive 57% of the target value.

Pricing for the campaign starts at $349, and for that, you get one pair of ORBI Prime glasses and the Prime Pack, which consists of a charging case, safety strap, USB connector, and lens cloth. This Early Bird offer entitles you to 46% off the full retail price.

Like all Indiegogo campaigns, there are some different backing prices which range from the $349 already mentioned all the way up to the Early Bird Quad, which consists of four pairs of ORBI Prime glasses and four Prime Packs. All of them come highly discounted.

orbi prime instant mobile sharing
Image Source: ORBI Inc.

ORBI Prime features

The ORBI Prime is a gadget that packs a lot into a small frame. It’s certainly more than just a point-and-shoot pair of action camera glasses. Here’s what you get with each pair:

  • Effortless recording allows you to ditch those mounts and rigs, meaning you can keep your hands free at all times.
  • Ultra-High-definition recording via four 1080p cameras allows for the creation of immersive content.
  • 90-minute recording time is allowed thanks to two powerful 1,000 mAh batteries, which allow users never to miss those special moments.
  • Water resistance with an IP64 rating protects the glasses from rain, splashes and more.
  • Video stabilization gives the recorder full control of a video, meaning they are still and free from jolts.
  • Instant mobile sharing enables a video to be shared via Wi-Fi instantly with friends and family.
  • Polarized, adaptive lenses protect the user’s eyes from UV rays so that the glasses can be used in all types of weather.
  • A detachable safety strap keeps thr ORBI Prime in place and safe without getting in your way or tangling with your hair.

So does the action camera market need to be shaken up? The creators of the ORBI Prime certainly thinks so, and if we’re honest, so do we. Yes, there are some great cameras available on the market today, but they’re all virtually identical, from a form factor point of view.

What the ORBI brings to the table is something new that people have dreamed of for years, and that’s a way to capture exactly what you’re looking at while remaining completely hands-free. From that point of view alone, we can see the device doing well if it’s priced competitively.

If you’d like to find out more about this new device, head on over to the Indiegogo page.

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