Ohio State University On Lockdown On Report Of Active Shooter

Ohio State University On Lockdown On Report Of Active Shooter


The number of those injured in the incident on the Ohio State University campus is now reported to be up to nine people, with seven people in stable condition and one in critical condition. OSU officials just lifted the lockdown and said the scene is now secure. However, they have canceled classes for the rest of the day.

A student who was at the scene told CBS News she saw a grey car drove through a crowd and hit an officer, who rolled on the ground. However, this report seems to differ from previous reports from other witnesses who said a red SUV crashed into an engineering building on the OSU campus.

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Reporters on the scene say they just saw two people brought out of a parking garage on the Ohio State University campus in handcuffs, but there’s no information on whether the people were involved in the shooting.

The incident started at around 9:30 Eastern with a report of a red SUV crashing into a chemical engineering building and a chlorine leak caused by the accident. Firefighters were the first emergency personnel on the scene because of the accident and chlorine leak.

Officials with the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center said four of the eight victims transported from the shooting scene suffered gunshot wounds. Police said they shot and killed a suspect, but it’s still unclear how many suspects might have been involved in the incident. Initial reports indicated that one suspect was armed with a knife, while another had a gun.


Reporters on the scene say that a high-ranking police official believes that the incident started when a red SUV crashed into an engineering building. A student told CBS that they saw the accident. Officials say one person jumped out of the vehicle and started knifing people in the area and that another person had a gun.

SWAT officers said they shot and killed one suspect. However, reporters on the scene say that there is no sense that the situation has been resolved. It’s believed that there is another suspect and that the scene is still active. Eight people were taken to the hospital, some with minor injuries and at least one in critical condition.


A former FBI official told the media that agents are probably trying to determine whether the shooter is out of ammunition or has been injured or killed. Columbus Police are reporting that one suspect has been killed.


CBS News is hosting phone interviews with a professor and student who are on the Ohio State University campus. The student reported that the rumor going around on campus right now is that a shooter or shooters drove a vehicle through a crowd on campus and then jumped out and started shooting. We must emphasize that this is unsubstantiated, however. The fire department has told the media that so far eight people have been sent to the hospital, and one of the victims is said to be in critical condition. Also the FBI has sent tactical teams to the scene of the shooter.

The initial tweet from Ohio State University advised students to “Run, hide, fight.” This is short for run or, if possible, evacuate; hide quietly; and fight back against the shooter if neither of the first two options is possible.


Ohio State University administrators activated the school’s emergency alert system this morning, advising students to shelter in place because there is an active shooter on campus. Officials told students to shelter in place, but law enforcement has not yet released any information on what is happening. College administrators said the active shooter is in the area of Watts Hall and then later widened their warning to include the northern part of campus.

Ohio State Administrators continue to tweet updates advising students to remain sheltered in place if they are on campus and to stay away if they aren’t on campus. They also asked students not to call 911 or the police station unless they have information.

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