Nintendo Switch Canada And U.K. Prices Leaked

Nintendo Switch Canada And U.K. Prices Leaked
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At long last, Nintendo and some of its retailer partners have begun to spill some Nintendo Switch beans. Prominent retailers in the U.K. and Canada have become aware of the mobile/console hybrid’s price and other interesting information.

Nintendo Switch price in Canada

There isn’t a lot of detail regarding this, but it looks as though Toys”R” Us has placed the price of the Nintendo Switch on its Canadian website. It’s priced at CA$329.99, which equated to around US$244 at the time of this writing. Why this has been placed there now when the device won’t be available to 2017 is anyone’s guess.

U.K. price revealed by GAME source

In the U.K., there have been various reports placing the price of the Nintendo Switch somewhere between £199.99 and £349.99. Of course not all of these sources can be correct, but according to LetsPlayVideoGames, it has fully vetted a source which claims to know the price U.K. gaming specialist GAME will sell the Switch at.

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Apparently, this source has had their claims backed up by another source which comes directly from the retailer. The information provided shows that GAME knows the wholesale price of the Nintendo Switch and plans to sell the basic model for £199.99. This price is for the basic SKU, but there is also a more expensive bundle that comes with increased storage and one game, which could be a new Mario game. However, this expanded offering is expected to hit the shelves for £249.99.

Additional leaks about controllers have placed them on sale for around £39.99 in the U.K.

Price conflict: While we endeavor to try to discover the actual price of the Nintendo Switch, it appears that another U.K. retailer, GameStop, has also revealed a price. However, this directly conflicts with the previous information. GameStop has revealed the price to be £399 or US$495, which is double the price given by the previous source. Fortunately, this price could be for a so-far-unknown bundle which may include controllers and games.

Nintendo Switch release date

Nintendo has already revealed that the Nintendo Switch will launch in March, and officially, nothing has changed, with the exact date due to be announced by Nintendo on January 13 in Tokyo. At this big presentation, usually called Nintendo Direct, the final release date will be confirmed, along with a game line-up. According to CEO Tatsumi Kimishima, the media and other invited individuals will get their hands on the Nintendo Switch in January.

Nintendo has been doing its best to keep the exact launch date under wraps. However, a freelance gaming journalist close to Nintendo has revealed the date to be March 17, with a worldwide launch date expected to come within the same week.

What do you think of the prices quoted in this article? Are you surprised that they seem low? In the U.K., the prices would allow the Nintendo Switch to fall in line with the PS4 and Xbox One entry prices, which would seem a little strange considering that it’s more than likely going to be less powerful than those two devices.

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