Cute Nepali Vegetable Seller Becomes Online Sensation

Cute Nepali Vegetable Seller Becomes Online Sensation
photographer Rupchandra Mahajan, Image Source: Facebook

A vegetable seller from Nepal has become a viral sensation after a photographer snapped her hard at work and posted the photos online.

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Photographer Rupchandra Mahajan captured the moment that the girl crossed a suspension bridge between Gorkha and Chitwan, Nepal. He then took another snap as she spoke on her mobile phone.

Vegetable seller follows in the footsteps of chai walla

The images have attracted a huge amount of attention online. Now the Nepali vegetable seller has become a phenomenon similar to the Pakistani tea seller, who went viral last month.

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Twitter users went online to show their appreciation for the photos. “This Nepali Sabjiwali (vegetable seller) is all over the internet now with her good looks, #Chaiwala #sabjiwali #tarkariwali #Nepal,” wrote user @Ravinepz.

Another user called @SabyasachiPuhan was impressed by the girl. “When both cuteness and hard work goes together, it results in #Tarkariwali from Nepal. Social Media Fame Jindabaad,” they wrote.

Pakistani tea seller refuses modeling work

The viral sensation is similar to the Pakistani tea seller, who was snapped by photographer Jiah Ali. Her posts turned the 18-year-old into a social media darling, and he apparently received offers of modeling contracts and even film work.

However, the latest reports reveal that the chaiwala has turned down the offers, saying that he isn’t interested. The identity of the Nepali vegetable seller is not yet known, but it is surely only a matter of time before someone tracks her down.

The tea seller, whose name is Arshad Khan, is an ethnic Pashtun. He has striking blue-green eyes that were captured perfectly in a series of photos that were published on Instagram and viewed by thousands of people.

“It was all very baffling,” said Khan, who turned down offers of work in modeling and films. “I have not thought about (acting in) movies because it’s not been done by anyone in our family,” he said. Khan added that working in films “is not honorable work.”

“Pashtuns always look for work that is honorable… If I can find some clean, honorable work, I will certainly do it,” said Khan.

Nepali Vegetable Seller
photographer Rupchandra Mahajan, Image Source: Facebook

Will Nepali vegetable seller get similar offers?

Even if he were interested in working in films, his career could stall due to ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan. Some Indians are pushing for a ban on Pakistanis working in Bollywood due to continued problems in the disputed Kashmir region.

At the same time, Khan has ruled out a new career but has told of his surprise at being thrust into the spotlight. “I came to know this morning that I am very good looking,” he said. “All these people are coming and taking pictures and videos of me.”

There must be a high possibility of her being offered similar work to the chaiwala, given the response that the photos have got online. “It’s mixer of beauty and hard work from #Nepal #tarkariwali,” wrote @gajanan62796992.

One user even suggested that the pair should team up as a sort of double whammy viral sensation. “#Chaiwala & #Tarkariwali should get married,” said @ec9724d04b8e4af.

Even if the pair never meets, it seems likely that we will hear more about the Nepali, vegetable seller. If similar offers are sent her way, many people will be hoping that she accepts. A quick glance at Twitter reveals that the seller already has legions of fans.

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