Juno Mirror: The Smart Companion Of Makeup Enthusiasts

Juno Mirror true lightImage Credit: The Juno Co.

Everything in the world is going smart. But beauty enthusiasts still have to rely on the same centuries-old mirror while applying the makeup. When you step outside in sunlight or evening light, you suddenly realize that the makeup doesn’t look as good in the natural light as it did in the mirror. Maybe the foundation didn’t blend well? There is a smart cosmetic mirror coming just for people like you. It’s called the Juno mirror.

Adjust the lighting to apply makeup with precision

The Juno mirror can slash your morning makeup routine in half with on point lighting. It has three different mirror settings: sunlight, daylight, and evening light. Depending on where you are headed and the time of the day, you can select the settings of choice before applying your makeup.

Using a smartphone app, you can save your own light and hue setting for future use. The vanity mirror’s flexible design and adjustable lighting give you the ability to apply makeup with precision.

Juno plans to launch its Kickstarter campaign on November 14, 2016. The Juno mirror is expected to have a retail price tag of $79, but Kickstarter backers can get it for just $39. The smart mirror also has a livestream/selfie mode for beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts to capture the perfect selfie every time. You can use it as your own personal lighting system.

Juno mirror is cordless and rechargeable

Juno mirror co-founder Mira Torres said in a statement that Juno is an affordable community-driven makeup creation that “solves a multitude of everyday makeup problems.”  As a beauty editor, creating a community and supporting other beauty enthusiasts has always been her passion, said Mira.

The mirror is cordless and rechargeable. Juno claims that the battery lasts up to a week on a single charge. It boasts of a 5x magnification, and comes with a handy storage tray for makeup and jewelry. You can flip the mirror back to use it as lamp and adjust the reading light. It’s lightweight, portable, can be easily disassembled.

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