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James Tisch for Treasury Secretary

President-elect Donald Trump, I strongly urge you to nominate James Tisch as the next secretary of the Treasury.

I voted for you and Mike Pence to put an end to the “politically correct” policies of the current administration, reform the rampant corruption in government and bring about a strong economic recovery like we haven’t seen in decades. And the Great Recession that started in 2008, that we have yet to recover from, lead to tens of millions of Americans to vote for you, Mr. President-elect, so we finally can have a real recovery.

James Tisch

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Tisch will help the new administration greatly in all three of these areas. Like you have, President-elect Trump, James Tisch runs a great company that Loews Corp., of which Tisch is CEO, holds many assets and has more than $4 billion in cash on hand balanced against only $875 million in debts. He runs the company in a very conservative, business-wise manner and seeks out very strong businesses that will show long-term success. I believe that Tisch is exactly the kind of business leader you will want to help reform government running the Treasury Department.

While there are many politically well-connected candidates available for the job, Tisch is a proven corporate CEO who is not a political hack, and he can help the administration reform government and run the most ethical administration we’ve ever seen. The current president promised transparency but completely failed to deliver on that promise. Personnel is policy, and knowing that, making an nominee like Tisch for Treasury secretary would strongly demonstrate the level of quality that will be needed for those serving in the Trump administration.

Like you, Mr. President-elect, Tisch is not “politically correct” and has what I think are reasonable views on the issues of the day. He believes we should thoroughly examine the science before rushing off into implementing an economy-destroying cap-and-trade scheme as the current administration wanted to impose as an answer to global warming, or as they call it now, climate change. He also believes improved technology makes offshore drilling very safe for the environment and supports it as a way to drill and produce more of our own oil so we can reduce dependence on oil from OPEC and other foreign countries. Other politicians have talked about it, but truly achieving energy independence would be a great accomplishment that can be done under the Trump administration.

Bringing about economic prosperity for all Americans, including the tens of millions of unemployed that have been written off and forgotten about by the current administration, will be a priority under the Trump administration. Tisch is the perfect fit here, he advocates the right public policies that will help bring about economic prosperity.

Tisch understands how destructive high taxes and needless regulations are to the economy and the ability of businesses to create jobs. He strongly advocates reforming or eliminating needless regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley that has doubled the accounting costs of his own company. He also strongly advocates reducing the long-term capital gain taxes that keep so much possible investment on the sidelines, and reducing the excessively high corporate taxes to the levels of individual taxes.

Both of those tax measures would spur strong economic growth and lead to higher revenues flooding into the treasury at lower rates because of economic expansion.

Tisch understands the Laffer Curve, and how cutting excessively too high tax rates actually increases tax revenues due to strong economic growth.

What more could you want? Someone who has run a great business as you have done, and shares your views on making America great again, and favors a strong prosperity agenda that will bring back our economy. I think James Tisch would be the perfect choice for secretary of the Treasury in your administration, Mr. President-elect. I strongly hope you will nominate him.

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