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iPhone Stuck In Headphones Mode: Try These Homemade Fixes

iPhone users often face a problem when their phone gets stuck in headphone mode. It is not yet known whether this is some kind of bug in iOS. However, iGeeksBlog has come up with a few possible fixes that can help do away with this software glitch or hardware problem.

Hardware or handling problems

First, you might have been too swift in unplugging the headphones from the device. If such is the case, chances are that iOS did not detect the operation. Thus, the headphones should be inserted back in the phone and pulled out gently. Most of the time, this can fix the issue, but if it does not help, then there are a few other tricks.

Second, there is a possibility that the original iPhone headphones are faulty and therefore adding to the problem. In that case, it is suggested to try other headphones to get the iPhone out of headphone mode. Also iPhones are not compatible with cheap headphones, as the metal tip can’t be easily detected by the 3.8mm jack.

If the above two fixes are not working, then it is time to peek inside the 3.5mm port on the iPhone. Try wrapping cotton around a toothpick and using it to clean the port. The port might be dusty, so cleaning could solve the problem.

If none of these solutions solve the problem, then the iPhone might have a bug, possibly some issue with iOS.

Software issues with the iPhone

Restarting the iPhone could help in solving the glitch to some extent. If this also does not work, then there are a few other fixes that can be tried.

For example, sometimes the latest updates might not support the device. Restoring the previous version of iOS in which there was no such issue can solve the problem. If the issue persists on the previous version of iOS, the user might want to update it to the latest version, which should come with several bug fixes.

If nothing works and the problem continues to bother you every now and then, the best and last option is to contact the Apple support center. If it is a hardware problem and the warranty is still active, Apple will take care of the issue by replacing the phone.

If you have any more fixes for the issue, then please do tell us.