Pregnant Woman Suffers Second-Degree Burn From iPhone 7

iPhone 7
Image Credit: Apple Inc. (Screenshot)

If you have this habit of watching videos on your charging smartphone while lying in bed, you need to learn something from what happened to Sydney-based Melanie Tan Pelaez. Melanie fell asleep on her charging iPhone 7 and suffered severe burns on her right arm. She said in a Facebook post that she was woken up by “sudden pain, pins and needles, numbness, and shortness of breath.”

Hospital documents confirm it was iPhone 7

She also posted a picture of her blistered arm, warning others to keep their smartphones away from their beds. Melanie, who is pregnant, said in her post that she had purchased the iPhone 7 only recently. Melanie had been an iPhone user “since the beginning,” and she never had any issues with the iPhones in the past. She considers herself lucky because things could have been a lot worse.

Melanie Tan Pelaez immediately rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a second-degree burn on the right arm due to a “foreign object.” Doctors at the hospital performed a number of tests and told her that it was caused by a “foreign object.” They asked her to look around her bed to see what could have caused the injury. She matched the markings on her arm to the iPhone 7 and charger.

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The hospital documents confirmed that it was indeed the iPhone 7 that caused the second-degree burns. “Burn sustained when patient slept on her mobile telephone, the iPhone 7,” read the hospital documents. Melanie took the device to the Apple Store to tell them about the incident. They told her that it couldn’t have been the iPhone because it didn’t have a distinct smell.

Scared Melanie refuses to take new iPhone 7 from Apple

Later, she got a call from an Apple executive who told her that they had sent the phone to California for testing. The tech giant offered her a new iPhone 7, but she refused to take it because she doesn’t trust the latest iPhone anymore. It is unclear whether she plans to take legal action against the iPhone maker. Covering a charging smartphone with a pillow or body prevents the air from circulating. It could lead to overheating.

This is not the first instance of the iPhone 7 overheating or exploding. A few days ago, an iPhone 7 Plus exploded in the Yunnan province of China when it fell from just 50 centimeters. In another incident, an iPhone 7 had exploded while still in transit. Last month, an Australian user claimed that his brand new iPhone caught fire when he left it wrapped in clothes in the back seat of his car. Apple needs to address these issues with seriousness. Its arch-rival Samsung is estimated to have lost close to $5 billion due to exploding Galaxy Note 7s.