Search For Intelligent Life Adds Australian Parkes Radio Telescope


Following the debacle that was Tuesday’s presidential (and down ballot) election that saw Donald Trump named president-elect, the 10-year, $100 million search for intelligent life takes on new meaning. Clearly, it’s not to be found over large swaths of the United States, so the Parkes Radio Telescope will turn its attention to the Proxima Centauri system while joining the Breakthrough Listen project.

Parkes Radio Telescope to search Earth’s closest star system

Breakthrough Listen is a 10-year program announced and sponsored my internet tycoon and entrepreneur Yuri Milner in 2015 with famed physicist and overall genius Stephen Hawking also involved with the initiative. The goal of the program is scanning the heavens including the closest million stars to the Earth’s sun as well as 100 closest galaxies to the Milky Way in a search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

The Parkes Dish has been around for awhile and was instrumental delivering the live video my parents enjoyed of the Apollo 11 moon landing back in 1969. It is named for the nearby New South Wales town of Parkes and is operated by Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).

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