The Wait Is Over – The Time To End The Corruption Is NOW!


It is finally here, after all the hate, all the madness, the final day of this historic election is upon us. Get out and vote! I say it again, get out and vote!

Over this past month, we have witnessed a roller coaster ride for both sides. The corruption of Hillary Clinton has spilled out and is being exposed for the world to see. The way the FBI director, James Comey, has flip-flopped on his decisions has greatly damaged a once highly respected organization in a way that no foreign enemy ever could do.


Yet, this fight is far from over, as sources state the NYPD is still investigating the Anthony Weiner case, and thus the emails involved in that situation. Also, Hillary, despite what the MSM is trying to spin to its viewers, is still under active investigation by the FBI, for her connections with the Clinton Foundation and possible “pay for play” wrongdoings.

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Donald Trump has witnessed a historic turnaround due to the alternative media exposing of the rot that exist within our Western system. The rot has run so deep that its existence can no longer be denied and more than ever in our history, it has been proven that a two-tiered system is what we live under.

Two sets of laws exist, one that the everyday person is expected to abide by and should, then the other set of laws that the elites live by, that allows them to practically get away with murder.

The chance to change the system is today. Americans need to continue this global trend that began with Brexit, Americans need to get out and vote for the only candidate in modern history that has called for a complete overhaul of the corrupt DC establishment.

Trump, undoubtedly, is winning the race, but whether or not he will be able to overcome the fraudulent rigged system is an entirely different matter. The cards are stacked against him and a landslide is needed. Fortunately, I believe is a true possibility given the amount of support and enthusiasm we have seen swell up in the past few months around his candidacy.

Meanwhile, Hillary’s supporters, if any will even admit to the fact, have gone into remission and are nowhere to be seen. The empirical evidence that she is a valid contender is nowhere to be seen. People simply don’t like her.

If she is able to pull off a win tonight, then I will make the prediction that this will be a failed four years, in which she has essentially no support from the people she governs. People will turn their backs on her in a way we have never before seen in American political history. Many people will simply refuse to accept her as their president and really, given the overwhelming evidence of corruption and countless scandals, can you blame them?

The time for change is now. Make it happen.

Article by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money