Google’s DeepMind And Blizzard Join Forces In Research For AI

AlphaGo is the AI program that managed to win the world champion of Go, Lee Sedol. This is an eloquent proof of the immense potentials of artificial intelligence. Google has partnered with Blizzard in a cooperation aiming at researching the depths of AI. To that end, DeepMind is now searching for the right tools that will strengthen artificial intelligence. If you want to know how this turns out, stay tuned!

DeepMind from Google is an initiative that has been working with cutting edge technology. Artificial intelligence is without a doubt a challenge for tech connoisseurs out there. So BlizzCon 2016 came as no surprise.

Google and Blizzard will launch StarCraft II

This is when both Google and Blizzard announced their cooperation forming. Under this prism, they will launch StarCraft II as AI. Researchers will be able to use StarCraft II for learning more about AI and its limitations.

There are complex layers in the gameplay of both Go and StarCraft II, which makes researchers feel optimistic about their findings. They are all about strategy, as they decide how to progress in the game and make the most of their presence.

Within the following months and by 2017 at the latest, the new test environment for researchers will be free to join. This is going to be a huge step forward, since there is great interest in finding more about artificial intelligence. It is worth noting that the game will adjust some of its settings, such as the graphics and visual effects. This is perfectly justifiable, as it aims at providing knowledge to machines and not to please humans.

There will be an API that will provide bots and extract data for the researchers. Replays will also be available for the AI to analyze everything in detail. All the information from the game will be custom, so as to best meet the criteria of artificial intelligence. Data will pile up and the proper conclusions will become apparent over time.

Of course there is a lot of room for improvement and the project is still theoretical. Still, it is an ambitious project that will offer a lot of breakthrough knowledge in the field of AI. DeepMind appears to be down-to-earth, although the project is so promising.

A last piece of information to contemplate on, however, is the fact that Alpha Go managed to win the human opponents much sooner than what the connoisseurs have anticipated.

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