A Russian Company Launches Gold-Plated Trump iPhone 7 For $3000

A Russian Company Launches Gold-Plated Trump iPhone 7 For $3000
Image Credit: Caviar (screenshot)

A large number of Americans are out there criticizing President-elect Donald Trump. But some enterprising souls in Russia have already started creating high-end fashion items banking on Trump’s controversial victory. Russian firm Caviar has launched a special edition gold-plated Trump iPhone 7 as part of its Supremo collection. Caviar’s Supremo collection celebrates “great men” like Vladimir Putin and Ilham Aliyev.

Trump iPhone 7 is cheaper than Putin iPhone

Caviar said the “Changeover iPhone” is a “material expression” of hopes for re-establishment of good relations between Russia and the United States. The Trump iPhone 7 is outfitted with a gold plate on the rear, and has the US President-elect’s portrait etched on the upper half of the device. His full name “Donald John Trump” encircles Trump’s portrait.

Just below the giant “TRUMP” branding at the rear bottom of the handset, you can also see Donald Trump’s tagline “Make America Great Again.” Caviar didn’t forget to place the United States’ coat of arms in the middle of the golden slab on the back. The custom Trump iPhone 7 costs 197,000 rubles or about $3042.

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Caviar said it would do its best to get the special edition of the device in the hands of Donald Trump himself. If you are a Trump fan, you may want to place an order. It’s worth pointing out that the Trump iPhone 7 costs less than Caviar’s top-tier Putin iPhone, which is priced at $3,766. The company says buying a Putin iPhone was the “best way to express patriotism.” Putin has become the symbol of the new generation. People see him as a strong-willed and decisive leader, said Caviar.

Trump and Putin bromance

But it is too soon to imagine Trump and Vladimir Putin calling each other with their respective Trump iPhone and Putin iPhone. Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Trump on his US Presidential election win using the telegram. According to Phone Arena, the Trump iPhone 7 could be a hit among oil oligarchs as the device comes from the same company that makes Putin phones.

Donald Trump is believed to have cozy relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the past, Trump has hailed Putin as “very much of a leader” and gave him an A for his presidential work. The Russian President has said he was looking forward to working with Trump to bolster Russia-US relations.

The two men may or may not have met in person, but they have been vocal about their support for each other. There have been suggestions that Putin might have been involved in WikiLeaks’ revelations about Hillary Clinton’s emails, which might have helped Trump.

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