The Election That Had No Winner

The Election That Had No Winner
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The United States held a general election on Tuesday. Nobody won. Many will claim that Donald Trump won the election, as he is the person who gets to call himself “president” today. However, such a conclusion clearly flies in the face of the facts.


How did Donald Trump ever win the Republican nomination, in the first place? He won because the Establishment of the Republican Party had intentionally nominated a cast of lightweights, retreads, and utter incompetents. This was done in order to (supposedly) stack the deck in favor of one of those incompetents: Jeb Bush.

The plan was simple: assemble a cast of the lowliest political midgets ever seen on the U.S. political landscape, have the Big Banks stuff Jeb Bush’s campaign coffers full of their dirty money, and then get their sycophants in the mainstream media to pump Jeb’s candidacy. Game, set, and match.

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Few readers will have any real understanding of the Bush clan. The patriarch of the Bush family was Prescott Bush. Prescott Bush was the father of one president (George Bush), the grandfather of another (George Bush Jr.), and his other idiot grandson, Jeb, was supposed to be the third member of this family tree to sit in the White House.

Prescott Bush was also a convicted traitor , convicted of selling arms to Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany before and during World War II. Contemplate that. The father/grandfather of two U.S. presidents was one of the most-notorious traitors in the history of the United States – and hardly any Americans are even aware of this fact.

What does this tell us about the mainstream U.S. media? The same media that spent nearly every waking minute alerting Americans to “Trump’s groping” didn’t think it was relevant to inform Americans that the father of President George Bush was a convicted traitor?

Proving this was not an accidental omission, the same collection of sleaze-mongers supposedly also ‘forgot’ to inform Americans that the grandfather of President George Bush Jr. was a convicted traitor. And the Corporate media was all set to engage in the same, collective amnesia in order to plant Jeb Bush in the White House.

Then along came The Donald. Trump did not win the Republican nomination. He was handed that prize by default (and by accident), because the Republican Establishment went out of their way to ensure they had assembled the worst field of candidates in the history of U.S. politics, candidates who were so irredeemable that even an unqualified, bigoted blowhard like Donald Trump could win a popularity contest against them.

Regular readers understand that this party Establishment is, itself, nothing but the political tool of a crime syndicate known as the One Bank . Similarly, the Establishment of the Democrat Party are lackeys of the same crime syndicate. This is another way of saying that the U.S. has a Two-Party Dictatorship. The two parties feud in public, but then conspire behind closed doors.

Of course, rigging the Republican nomination would not have been enough to put Jeb Bush in the White House (where he could serve the bankers). For that to happen, Jeb would have actually had to win an election. Enter Hillary Clinton. In order for Jeb to become “President Jeb”, the other half of the U.S. Establishment pulling the strings of these puppets also had to get into the act.

What potential Democrat candidate was already so widely loathed that even an inferior boob like Jeb Bush would have had a fighting chance of beating that person in an election? Hillary Clinton. She is loathed for being yet another high-profile political figure who slavishly supports the Big Banks, and gratefully accepts large “contributions” for her support.

She is loathed for being an outspoken war hawk in what is supposedly the U.S.’s party of “peace”. She is loathed (by the Right) for being the Wife of Clinton. And she is loathed because she is simply not a very likable person. She is utterly devoid of charisma, and finds it impossible to convincingly feign concern for her fellow, human beings.

It would have been difficult to find another living Democrat who inspired such a deep-seated hatred in as large a percentage of the U.S. population, and that was before the scandal over her illegal use of private e-mail surfaced. She was the proverbial Opponent, who was supposed to take a dive in the 12 th round, in order for Jeb the Mediocre to emerge victorious.

Donald Trump was the very noisy and obnoxious fly in the ointment. He is no more competent than Jeb, and even less qualified. However, Trump possessed something that Jeb lacked: charisma. Americans, at least a segment of that population, like their loud-mouthed blowhards, from Jackie Gleason all the way down to Peter Griffin. The more obnoxious and outrageous that Trump got, the more popular he got.

But could The Donald have actually won an election on his own? We’ll never know. Several weeks into the campaign, with Trump trailing badly in the polls, he made a couple of strategic decisions. Trump brought in a Goldman Sachs stooge to be his new money-man, and he fired his campaign manager, Paul Manafort. In his stead, Trump brought in Washington insider, Kellyanne Conway. Those are hardly the actions of a political independent.

What followed was bizarre, even by the standards of the street-fights which the U.S. calls political campaigns. The two, most-hated candidates in the history of the United States spent the entire campaign engaged in relentless mud-slinging against each other, constantly drawing attention to the unpopularity of their opponent. It would be like the two homeliest candidates in history spending an entire campaign calling each other “ugly”. It’s surprising that at least one of these 70 year-olds didn’t accuse the other of being too old.

Proof that the “fix was in” (for Trump, not against him) came in the last-minute resurrection of the “investigation” into Clinton’s illegal use of e-mail. There was never any possibility she would be punished. Lackeys as highly placed as herself are never punished for their crimes in the United States. But the mere timing of this re-investigation is conclusive.

Clinton held a commanding lead in the polls, arguably a lead too large to be overcome by ballot-rigging. This re-investigation was allowed to fester over Clinton until literally the eve of the election. By that time, Trump was within (theoretical) striking range, and the magic of “electronic voting” could do the rest.

To believe that Trump won this election defies plausibility. This becomes the third, consecutive national election in English-speaking nations which has had a result which totally contradicted all pre-election polling – in what has become an established and reliable science.

When the ill-fated David Cameron supposedly won his majority government in the last UK election, his incumbent regime was expected to be thrown out of office, with only an outside chance of clinging to power in a minority government. Not a single pre-election poll considered a Conservative majority to be a possibility.

In Canada’s last national election, the election was billed as a three-party dogfight, right until the last week of the election. Even once the NDP’s support began to falter, the best that either the Liberals or Conservatives could hope for – according to all the pre-election polling – was a minority government. Instead, totally defying all polling (and rationality), the Liberals swept into power with a decisive majority. Impossible.

In Tuesday’s U.S. election, pre-election polling handicapped Clinton as having a 90% chance of victory . If Trump could win, it would (supposedly) require him to run the table in terms of the “battleground states”, and even then he would achieve the barest of majorities. Instead, he ended up with a relatively large margin of victory. Impossible.

Suggesting that any candidate could win all the close races in the manner demonstrated by Trump is highly implausible. Suggesting that a candidate hated by as many different demographics within the U.S. population as Trump could win all of the close races is absurd. Trump was ordained president, in the manner which is now becoming tradition in the English-speaking world.

There are no more “winners” in these elections, not the puppets who are given the privilege of sitting in office, and certainly not the electorates whom these puppets routinely betray. To believe that a Donald Trump presidency will be any better, with his Goldman Sachs stooge and Washington insider, is naivety of the highest order.

Meet the New Boss;

Same as the Old Boss.

Sadly, it seems that we now always get fooled again.

Article by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money

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