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Companies Acquired By Facebook Inc [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook Inc (FB) has purchased a variety of businesses since it’s inception in 2004. To date, the social media giant has acquired 68 businesses – some notable and others strange.

Facebook’s growth from a simple social platform for Harvard students to the biggest social networks in the world, with nearly 1.7 billion users, has provided it’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg with the opportunity – and finances – to purchase some of its biggest competitors.

TechWyse created the below infographic to show just how many companies Facebook Inc has acquired since August 2005. You can also use this infographic to analyse the rise and fall of industry trends.

Facebook Inc purchased not only social networking websites like Instagram – which it purchased for $1 billion – but also office applications, Internet applications, file hosting websites, digital publishing companies and more. It’s biggest purchase was for the mobile group messaging app Whatsapp Messenger for $19 billion in February 2015.

Facebook Inc spent the least amount of money in its acquisition of AboutFace, which it purchased for $200K in August of 2005. It also purchased Nextstop, a travel recommendations website, for $2.5 billion in 2010. Some other smaller purchases – at least by Facebook’s standards – include the purchase of the domain name fb.com for $8.5 million, originally home to the American Farm Bureau Federation.


Interestingly, the total cost of Facebook’s acquisitions, not including undisclosed amounts, totals $23,124,700,000 – more than the combined GDP of Fiji, Zimbabwe and Maldives!

Zuckerberg and his team have made their presence known to companies around the world from the U.S. to Scotland and Israel, among others. Check out the below infographic to learn more about Facebook’s long history of company acquisitions and to learn more about some of the biggest trends in technology and social media since 2005.

Facebook’s Acquisitions

Companies Acquired By Facebook