Now You Can Click A Selfie With This Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle

Now You Can Click A Selfie With This Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle
Coca Cola, "Share a Coke" by JeepersMedia on 2014-07-08 20:34:54

A Coca-Cola bottle now allows to you see what type of face you pull while chugging down the sugary, sweet carbonated beverage. The Israeli arm of the soft drink maker released a “selfie bottle” in collaboration with innovation agency Gefen Team after noticing a gap in the market for novelty drink experiences.

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How his Coca-Cola selfie bottle works

The Gefan Team is an innovative agency that looks to solve business challenges creatively. We are not certain what the challenges were, but the solution to this challenge seems to be a Coca-Cola bottle with a selfie camera at the bottom. This was done as part of a promotion for the Summer Love brand event in Israel — the biggest outdoor brand event in the country.

According to Digital Trends, a special camera was built for Coca-Cola’s Summer Love festival in Israel. The selfie camera snaps an image when the bottle is sipped while tilted at a certain angle. The Coca-Cola bottle is equipped with a camera at its base and comes with a built-in sensor that will detect when the bottle is tilted at a 70-degree angle. The bottle kicks into life when that angle is triggered and snaps a selfie of the user drinking the sugary beverage, according to Digital Trends.

One may question the point of having a selfie camera on the bottom of the Coca-Cola bottle or having a bottle that snaps a selfie while drinking the beverage. But that is something the two companies involved in its production know better.

A good idea, but not unique

As expected, the snapped selfies can be shared to a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. If any company is trying to spread its brand around a festival, this is an amazing marketing idea. It does the trick and makes party-goers more active and present, as they know that they can share their pictures just by drinking.

Social media is increasingly becoming an integral part of brand marketing. Releasing hardware for a popular product is a relatively newer thing, but it’s not new, as last year Cinnamon Toast Crunch came up with a similar selfie campaign with its free “Selfie Spoons,” according to the Daily Dot. These spoons were not a camera but just selfie sticks with a spoon attached at the end. It allowed breakfasters take a snap while having a bowl of cereal.

It is unlikely that Coca-Cola will launch this initiative globally, but it’s good to see that companies like Coca-Cola are experimenting with new tricks to grab consumers’ attention.

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