China, Russia, Pakistan Superpower Triangle Becoming Reality

China, Russia, Pakistan Superpower Triangle Becoming Reality
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The Russia, China and Pakistan superpower triangle is becoming a reality. Moscow has just announced it will hold trilateral Russian-Chinese-Pakistani talks next month.

As theories around the Russia, China and Pakistan superpower triangle continue to build up, Moscow has just expressed its interest in strengthening ties with Islamabad and Beijing. The agenda of next month’s talks will be establishing a wider regional partnership on Afghanistan.

Zamir Kabulov, Russian Foreign Ministry’s director of the Second Asian Department, announced on Monday that the Russian-Chinese-Pakistani consultations will be held in Moscow in December.

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“We are discussing this with the Chinese, the Iranians, Indians, Pakistanis. There is work on specifics,” Kabulov said, adding that it’s in the regional nations’ “natural” interests to guard themselves from terrorist threats in the region.

China, Russia and Pakistan form a powerful nuclear force

The news comes amid rising war tensions between India and Pakistan. Although Russia remains India’s key weapons supplier, there is a number of reasons why the Russia, China and Pakistan superpower triangle is becoming a reality.

Russia has been actively strengthening its military, economic and diplomatic ties with both China and Pakistan. Even though Pakistan is Russia’s Cold War rival, Moscow is understandably keen on forming an alliance with Islamabad and Beijing. China and Pakistan have been traditional allies for decades. Beijing has always provided its military and diplomatic support to Islamabad against its historical enemy, India.

Forming the Russian-Chinese-Pakistani superpower triangle would not only allow them to impose efficient measures to counter the spread of terrorism and radicalism in the region but also stand up to America’s growing influence in the region. In fact, given that Russia, China and Pakistan are all nuclear powers, their alliance also makes them an intimidating nuclear force to be reckoned with.

Russia, China and Pakistan have about 7,620 nuclear warheads (according to the official figures provided by the SIPRI) combined. That’s a serious advantage in a potential military confrontation against any enemy of such a superpower triangle, whether it’s India or the United States.

Is Russia abandoning its ally India for Pakistan?

Interestingly, Russia announced the Russian-Chinese-Pakistani talks a few days after India, Pakistan’s traditional nemesis, signed a historical nuclear deal with Japan. In fact, it was the first-ever nuclear deal signed by Japan, which is the only country to have suffered a nuclear attack, with a non-NPT nation.

India, like Pakistan, never signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). Seeing that India is strengthening ties with its regional allies, Russia and China decided to ramp up their support for Pakistan. The Russian-Chinese-Pakistani talks in December will mark yet another indication of Russia and China’s growing interest toward Pakistan.

Last month, Russia and China backed Pakistan’s position against India during the BRICS summit. Despite the fact that Pakistanis were absent at the summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping rejected the India-sponsored resolution to declare Islamabad a “terrorist state.” It then became apparent that Russia hasn’t ruled out the possibility of abandoning ties with its key weapons importer, India, for the sake of the China, Russia and Pakistan new superpower triangle.

Superpower triangle: Russia and China step up cooperation with Pakistan

Both Russia and China have stepped up their diplomatic efforts to prevent New Delhi from isolating Pakistan and making it a pariah state.

A few months ago, China blocked India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group. Shortly afterwards, Russia held its surprise joint military drills with Pakistan. In fact, the military exercises took place just weeks after India’s tensions with Pakistan reached its new peak, which certainly sent a message to New Delhi.

India is being careful not to scare away the Russians. New Delhi has yet to finalize a few major arms deals with Moscow. The purchase of those weapons would allow India to gain an advantage in a potential war against Pakistan. India and Russia are currently negotiating the purchase of S-400 anti-aircraft weapon systems, stealth frigates and a second nuclear submarine from Moscow.

However, Russia has been making military deals with Pakistan too. Although it was reported on Tuesday that Russia turned down Pakistan’s request to sell the advanced Su-35 fighter jet, the two countries still made quite a few crucial military deals. Last year, Islamabad purchased four Mi-35 helicopter gunships from Moscow. Meanwhile high-ranking Pakistani army officials have increased the frequency of their visits to Russia, which suggests the two nations are looking to ramp up their military cooperation.

Pakistan is the world’s seventh-largest importer of defense equipment, which is a huge factor for Russia when it comes to picking allies in Asia.

Donald Trump’s America vs. China-Russia-Pakistan superpower triangle

Pakistan finally realized that all the financial support that has come from the U.S. in past years only prevented the nuclear-powered country from becoming financially independent. Most Pakistanis believe that both the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have played major roles in spreading sectarianism and terrorism in the country.

It’s also unclear how the U.S. will treat Pakistan now that Donald Trump has been elected to be the next President. But given their past grievances, it’s likely that Pakistan aspires to be part of the superpower triangle with China and Russia.

In fact, both China and Russia seem to be more reliable towards Pakistan compared to the U.S. While Washington has weakened its diplomatic support to Islamabad, Beijing and Moscow seem to be eager to continue defending Pakistanis on the diplomatic sphere.

Pakistan is on the winning side; India, not so much

China has repeatedly pledged to help Pakistan in case of any foreign aggression. It also adds to the fact that China supplies Pakistan with more weapons than any other country in the world. For Russia, meanwhile, Pakistan is a potentially lucrative buyer of its advanced weapons.

Aside from strengthening military and diplomatic ties with Islamabad, Beijing is also actively building nuclear reactors in Pakistan. So basically, the superpower triangle between China, Russia and Pakistan can become an intimidating force in the region.

While India is stronger than Islamabad in terms of army power, Pakistan has more nuclear weapons than its historical enemy. In the modern world, having a more powerful nuclear arsenal is the ultimate way of winning any war.

India also loses in terms of its geopolitical support from other nations. While India seems to have the support from Japan, it can’t fully rely on the U.S. It remains a mystery to what extent Donald Trump will be willing to help India in case of any military confrontation. In fact, it’s unclear if India is even going to get any kind of support from Trump at all. So Pakistan and its new superpower friends – Russia and China – appear to be on the winning side.

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  2. I am neutral in this argument. But I think Indians have developed this false sense of bravado which is fueled by the media, backed up by a considerable educated (programmed) population to argue for the sake of argument. India is vulnerable and insecure in a broader context and the arguments show that. India has been very smart till the Hindu India emerged and set a trap for itself. Any partnership with the US and the Western Powers will not benefit India. India is a gel bait and appetizer for a bigger catastrophe, which is the ultimate plan of these powers. I would suggest to my Indian friends, please do not be trapped by your allies.

  3. pakistan lacks long range nuclear warheads? did u just recently came out of a cave? lol recently tested ababeel and ababeel 2 (multi-warhead carrying upto 3 nukes in a single body capable to be deployed on 3 different targets to evade indian latest rocket defense technology) missiles had range of 2200km , and in last 10 years the tested weapons were in range of 1000+km , i guess u are talking about 1990s?

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  10. Russia is fading out economically…
    The Syrian & middle east conflict will soon drain out Russia militarily as well as!
    It’s military establishment depends on Indian purchases to quite an extent. India would’nt mind dumping Russian arms for American/ Japanese/ European hardware given Russia’s increasing embrace of Pakistan. China will never buy arms from Russia expect for a few isolated deals like S400 – as it is developing its own defense manufacturing.
    Russia will get to sell an impoverished Pakistan its arms only as along as it also provides the funds to buy them like US used to do. For Russia – Pakistan is a “lose-lose” game from every aspect. Its growing closeness to Pakistan is due to a heavy dose of influence from China – which eventually will make Russia a client state like China’s other two rouge allies – Pakistan and North Korea. Even Iran will manage to keep out of this alliance to save itself from isolation.

    The future looks like an alliance led by China with its three allies – Pakistan, North Korea and Russia facing isolation from the rest of the World led by the US. It indeed looks very bleak for Russia having Pakistan and North Korea as its brothers-in-arm.

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    CPEC will change Pakistan, a fact that is unsettling for India. In no way will Pakistan become an economic mammoth like India, but they had hoped that Pakistan would remain poor and isolated while India itself excelled. That dream has come crashing down with CPEC. Once again I say that CPEC will not make Pakistan the fortune that India has, but India had hoped for its rival to continue struggling and remain poor. If my enemy started doing well, I too would be singed. If you accept this, then India’s actions against Pakistan in the last few months make a lot more sense.

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    Russia’s future in the long term looks very dicey given that it has virtually no growth and is completely dependant on oil. China is in no position to play Global power games given their economic problems. As an Indian I wouldn’t be losing too much sleep

  24. India long ago decided the slavery of the U.S. replacing Pakistan on a condition that it will rise to counter China. It is good for Pakistan because the U.S. has destroyed the internal peace and stability of Pakistan in their relations. India got the U.S. nuclear deal along with several strategic and military deals to share intelligence and buy more weapons. Similarly, there will be another condition in coming days to counter Russia. That will be the time when Pakistan, China and Russia Iran will rise as super power triangle along with Iran.

  25. Russia was cozening up to China & its poodle Pakistan mainly to spite America. Now that Trump is the US President, this is going to change. The best thing for India would be a closer US-Russia relationship. It will mean that Russia will have no problem with India having good relations with US as well. The new Axis emerging will be US-India-Russia alliance against Islamic Terrorism that Pakistan supports. Russia will rehabilitate its relation with the west & will be less dependent on China. China & Pakistan are the biggest losers from the Trump win.

  26. This is the reality of the world. As India is extending hands with Israel, Australia and japan there is nothing wrong in making alliance where every country has it shown interests.

  27. Meanwhile, Washington is constantly disengaging from Pakistan and in this process, Moscow can find a number of areas to cooperate with Islamabad to redefine the alliance structure in South Asia. This rapprochement can be seen when we consider Russian team holds talks with Pakistan on the sale of military hardware and both countries conducted first-ever joint military drills. But two countries are in no urgency and trying to buckle up in cautious mode.

  28. This is the era of alliances and if Russia, China Pakistan are making alliance against India, USA and Israel, then there is nothing wrong. According to the realist perspective, a state go for alliances to avert external threat particularly from a superior adversary. Pakistan needs Russian and Chinese assistance to meet threats from India.

  29. When the world is talking about a US-Russia alliance after trump’s victory, this author is still talking about Russia China Pakistan axis to stand against US

  30. This article is based on presumptions picked from news without thorough research. It seems like collection of Pakistani news

  31. India doesn’t need to look up to other countries like Pakistan for growth and development. India is growing economically and militarily on its own. The structure of Indian economy is so resilient to global economy that it can sustain on its own. Russia will never confront India’s stand against terrorism and CPEC has to involve India because it passes through Pakistan occupied Kashmir, area which is designated to India by United nations.

    RUSSIANS have started a joint venture of making military helicopters in India and transform knowledge to India.

  32. So you’re saying instead of teaming up as a unified Asian region, you would rather fight Pakistan, while at the same time kissing American boots, leeching off Russian made weapons and acting like a hypocrite ally to almost everyone. Wow. This is the pure definition of India, since India, you guys left Russia, when Russia was sanctioned and having a hard time – you were instead having your Indians work in DARPA, NASA and Silicon Valley many American organizations. Have you no shame or commitment?

  33. So you’re saying instead of teaming up as a unified Asian region, you would rather fight Pakistan, while at the same time kissing American boots, leeching off Russian made weapons and acting like a hypocrite ally to almost everyone. Wow. This is the pure definition of India, since India, you guys left Russia, when Russia was sanctioned and having a hard time – you were instead having your Indians work in DARPA, NASA and Silicon Valley many American organizations. Have you no shame or commitment?

  34. Essentially, through assumption and conjecture, this article just turned the geopolitical situation on its head. Forget even mentioning that India has a full triad of Nukes, despite having fewer in number than Pakistan. Also, let’s forget that Pakistan also lacks long range missiles for its nuclear warheads. Considering that Russia is willing to sell weapons to anybody at this point because of the heavy sanctions out on it by the US, I’m not surprised that they are interested in helping out Pakistan. Russia has always had a very hard stance against global terrorism. If they can help deal with it in Pakistan, that’s a welcome outcome.

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