BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) DTEK60: What Makes It Apt For Businessmen


BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) officially revealed its latest smartphone model, the DTEK60, last month, and it said the phone is loved by many businessmen because of its salient features. The Canadian firm is hoping to make a big comeback with its new generation of Android-powered smartphones after taking a long-term hiatus in producing new models of phones.

BlackBerry DTEK60 promises unmatched security

BlackBerry’s DTEK60 is considered the most powerful device for business purposes by far because of its affordable price and excellent features, says ZDNet. The Canadian firm not only came up with new keyboard-packed phones but also promised to deliver the “most secured smartphones of today.” Also the Canadian firm promised to give an unparalleled level of security, which began with their Priv model. One of the notable highlights of this new generation of BlackBerry devices is the much better and faster security updating functionalities.

ZDNet reports that the Canadian firm retained its BlackBerry Hub feature, which aggregates all the notifications and emails into one page, providing a lot of convenience to the owner. The Hub serves as a centralized communications system that allows the user to manage most of their forms of contact with just one interface. However, some applications like Facebook can compel the user out of the Hub.

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Making it convenient and productive

BlackBerry’s Productivity tab is another salient feature of the DTEK60. It enables a user to access all emails, events, tasks, and calendars, among other items, in just one swipe. On the Android platform, users will find several powerful software keyboard options. The Waterloo-based tech company is bringing a stock Android experience to Android, similar to Lenovo’s Moto devices. It is refreshing to have a phone free of unnecessary apps, bloatware and utilities, says ZDNet.

Also the right-side hardware button called the Convenience key can be modified to perform a function or launch an application. With Swipe up options, the Canadian firm provides users fast ways to access their information or apps. A swipe up from the center bottom home button gives them the option to swipe to the right, left or center to launch apps or utilities they select. Also it offers several useful shortcuts like media play options, direct message composition, setting or viewing alarms, device utilities, and many more.

So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the new DTEK60 promises an efficient and secured platform that is not only ideal for tech-savvy users but also for business use that requires strong security.

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