Abu Dhabi Man Shells Out $8.4M For A Unique Car Number Plate

Abu Dhabi Man Shells Out $8.4M For A Unique Car Number Plate
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An Abu Dhabi businessman got a unique number plate after paying 31 million dirhams ($8.4 million) at an auction on Saturday. This number plate was previously sold for 52.2 million dirhams to an Emirati businessman in 2008, making it the costliest plate number in the UAE, according to Al Arabiya.

Why the Abu Dhabi businessman purchased the number plate

Abdullah Al-Mehri was quite excited after winning the number plate printed with the number one. The 32-year-old Emirati businessman said that he purchased the number plate in honor of the UAE’s ruler, who left no stone unturned in ensuring the top rankings for their country.

Mehri said, “I’m so excited that I won plate number 1, it feels amazing and I was willing to pay any amount to get the plate number. I often come to auctions like this and fetch the most unique numbers at the highest bids.”

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The second unique plate with the number 7 was sold during the auction for 13.4 million dirhams. The auctioneer said that seven is a significant number in life, as there are seven days and seven emirates. The auction was hosted by Emirate Auction in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Police; Mehri competed with local and expat bidders in the Vanity Number Plate auction.

Fancy number plates are a trend in the Emirates

Most of the unique numbers were claimed by the Emirates and residents, and they gave the reason for how each unique number plate is significant, according to the Khaleej Times. A young bidder who preferred to be anonymous said that he went to get number 999 in the auction because it is special to him. The bidder wanted to put the number on his Lamborghini, says the Khaleej Times.

Bidder Ali Makki, who was able to purchase number 10 for his boss for 4.5 million dirhams, said that these numbers are important to them because they are from the UAE’s capital, and secondly, it is the 50th anniversary of the Government of Abu Dhabi. Makki told the Khaleej Times that it is not a big deal for his boss since he already has 110,666 and 77. So it is quite a hobby for the man. Makki said every country has a unique trend, and in UAE, it is possessing fancy cars and fancy number plates.

It’s not just Makki who believes exclusive number plates are significant; another bidder, Mosa Al Johari, believes that number plates represent a significant trend, luxury and prestige. Only last month, an Indian businessman based in Dubai caught the attention of the world by bidding for Dubai number plate D5 for 33 million dirhams ($8.98 million).

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