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OC Premium Small Companies Mandate

OC Premium Small Companies Mandate October 2016 Commentary

OC Premium Small Companies Mandate commentary for the month ended October 31, 2016. OC Premium Small Companies Mandate - Performance Review Global and local markets have...
Henderson Dividend & Income Builder Fund

Henderson’s Dividend & Income Builder Fund – A Top Performing Global Income Fund

Henderson's Dividend & Income Builder Fund (HDAVX, HDCVX, HDIVX and HDRVX) seeks to provide current income from a portfolio of securities that exceeds the...
Jardine Strategic Holdings

Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited – The Scotland Hong Kong Connection

Watch the video with Andrew Stotz or read a summary of the World Class Benchmarking on Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited. Background Founded in China in 1832,...
Rented Home

Making A Rented Home Your Own [INFOGRAPHIC]

Rented Home - how to make it feel like your real home Home ownership rates around the world continue to fall. In the United States,...

What Comes After Central Bank Intervention?

Welcome to this week’s edition of “World Out Of Whack” where every Wednesday we take time out of our day to laugh, poke fun at and present...

Tilson Gains On Fannie Mae; Is “Torn on whether to short Tesla”

From Whitney Tilson's email to investors Also see Robin Hood Conference Live: Ainslie Tepper, Druckenmiller, Einhorn, Griffin Whitney Tilson Short Wingstop Inc (WING) I gave a presentation...

Trump’s Corporate Tax Cuts Could Add $180B To S&P 500 Earnings: Analyst

Corporate tax cuts are one of the hallmarks of what the markets are expecting after Donald Trump enters the White House, and analysts are...
Fannie Mae Common Securitization Platform Fannie Mae Mortgage Insurance

BPC on Potential GSE Reform – “Undeniable that conservatorship has lasted long...

BPC's Stegman on Potential GSE Reform Washington, D.C.– Bipartisan Policy Center Fellow Michael Stegman today released the following statement in response to reports that the...
Business Failure


Article by Investment Master Class “The best way to minimize risk is to think” Warren Buffett "The linchpin of our philosophy is to think critically about risk,...
Steven Mnuchin

Is Steve Mnuchin Just Another Wall Street Banker?

After weeks of speculation, Donald Trump has announced Steve Mnuchin as his nominee for Treasury Secretary. Though Mnuchin can currently be seen in movie...

Private Fixed Investment is at Recessionary Levels

Since the introduction of the National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA) in 1946, the US has experienced 11 recessions. In every recession nonresidential private...
Government Growth

Must We Surrender To Government Growth?

There’s a lot of speculation in Washington about what a Trump Administration will do on government spending. Based on his rhetoric it’s hard to...

Piano Teachers, Beware: The Feds Are Onto You

Johannes Brahms is regarded as one of the greatest composers in history. I never tire of his sonatas for violin or cello, and his...

Market Psychology Changing…S&P 500 Intrinsic Value Update

“Davidson” submits: Since the election outcome, markets have been swirling with change. The shifts in certain areas have been massive. Many are scrambling to adjust...
reminiscences of a stock operator pdf

Can Trump – Or Anyone – Bring Back American Manufacturing?

They stole our jobs. Plentiful, high-paying spots on assembly lines were once a powerhouse component in the employment mix in the U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s...