Muddy Waters On Tutor Perini Corp – Big Projects, Bigger Ego, No Cash Flow [SLIDES]


Muddy Waters On Tutor Perini Corp  Big Projects  Bigger Ego  No Cash Flow [SLIDES] from Sohn San FranciscoConference yesterday – good notes on that from Market Folly

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But first Dave Lutz notes the following

John Rende of Copernicus capital – Bullish BMRN ·         Neal Kauffman, Hillair capital – Bullish SYRX ·         Joel Drescher – Drescher capital – Bullish on SIG ·         John Melsom – Omni event fund – Bullish SYT [drizzle]·         Marcato’s McGuire – Bullish BWLD ·         Pimco’s Mihir Worah – Buying REITs relative to the S&P / Long Nat Gas trade / volatility going up ·         Social Capital’s Chamath Palihapitiya – Bullish WDAY ·         Harvest Capital – Jeff Osher – Bullish SATS ·         JFL Capital – Joe Lawlor – Short IPO.LN ·         Muddy Waters’ Carson Block – Short TPC ·         Grantham, Mayo’s Arjun Divecha – Bullish Indian financials ·         Sun Valley Gold’s Peter Palmedo – Bullish Gold ·         ValueAct – Bullish MS


Tutor Perini Corp – Liquidity Could be a Major Problem
• As of Q2, the company had $93.6 million of cash on the balance sheet. However, 79% of that cash is in JVs with access restrictions. TPC runs its unpredictable, negative free cash flow business (ex-JVs) on $19 million of cash on hand.
• With only $19 million of accessible cash on hand and $145.8 million of unused revolver capacity and relatively volatile cash flow, the looming $600 million in maturities due in 2018 (includes full draw on revolver) could be an issue.
• Access to the revolver could be an issue after Bank of America’s numerous amendments and restrictions on the facility.



Banks However…
Will Bank of America say “enough is enough”?
• TPC is subject to recent additional covenants regarding its liquidity, including weekly minimum liquidity requirements (based on specified available cash balances and availability under the Revolver)
• Loan agreement has been amended 6 times in 5 years, ranging from readjusting the leverage covenant higher, due to lower than expected EBITDA to higher fees and moving the maturity ahead of the bonds and lowering additional borrowing capacity.
• We believe these kinds of changes are typical of a credit facility with distressed or CCC rated credits.
• The leverage covenant is currently calculated at 3.6x vs. the covenant stepping down
to 3.25x by 4Q.


Tutor Perini Corp: 1 in 3,000
• TPC’s shareholders have voted “no” in their Say on Pay for six consecutive years
• This is more than any other company in the Russell 3000 index



Pulling It All Together
• Business that can’t consistently generate cash
• Projected earnings growth highly questionable
• Lack of management credibility
• Liquidity could become challenged


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