Tesla To Announce Model 3 Part 2 Today, Tweets Elon Musk

Tesla To Announce Model 3 Part 2 Today, Tweets Elon Musk
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Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk has a talent for getting his company attention, but unfortunately in this case, he may be setting investors up for disappointment. When announcing that they were planning to hold an event this week, they said it was to show off some unexpected new product. The event was originally scheduled for Monday but then delayed to today.

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No surprise from Tesla after all?

However, Musk said today on Twitter that the event will simply be part two of the Model 3 reveal.

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That’s not exactly unexpected, unless, of course, he has something else up his sleeve, which is possible because he has been full of surprises in the past.

The Model 3 will be Tesla’s first shot at a mass market car, and if preorder numbers are anything to go by, interest is exceptionally high. People were preordering the EV even before the automaker showed off the exterior, and they kept on preordering it even though the interior of the car is still a huge secret. That will change tonight though, so the question now is whether whatever Tesla shows off is good enough to prompt another surge in preorders for the vehicle. The wait time for a Model 3 is already up to two years.

What might be surprising about the Tesla Model 3 reveal?

Needless to say, the Model 3 is certainly not a surprise, so speculations about what Musk meant when he referred to today’s event as being one where they will show off something unexpected are sure to pick up. The event is scheduled for 5 p.m. Pacific, leaving a few hours for speculators to take some guesses at what it will hold.

Musk has already said that tonight’s reveal will help investors and Tesla fans get a clearer understanding of what we have already heard about the interior of the Model 3, such as the distinct lack of instruments inside the prototypes the company has shown off before. Tesla is already known for the huge iPad-like display on the center dashboard of its vehicles, so moving even more controls to that display could be one possibility.

Then there’s the rumored “Tesla Glass” project Electrek mentioned a couple of months ago. At the time, they couldn’t find out anything about the top secret project that was supposedly in the works, but the website now reports that it may be some kind of heads-up display system.

There’s always the possibility that we will hear other surprises as well, as Tesla could unveil the Model Y, which is expected to be a less expensive version of the Model X crossover vehicle.

Shares of Tesla rose by as much as 2.57% to $204.22 during regular trading hours on Wednesday.

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