Microsoft Surface Studio Price, Specs, Release Date

Microsoft Surface Studio Price, Specs, Release Date
Image source: Microsoft

Microsoft fired a broadside at Apple’s hold on the powerful design-focused desktop world that it enjoys with its range of iMacs. Earlier today, the company unveiled the Surface Studio that we first heard about yesterday and now we know that Microsoft has put together something truly impressive that might give Apple a bit of pause.

First, lets take a look under the figurative hood of the Surface Studio

If you simply look at the specs of the Microsoft Surface Studio, you’ll see that this thing is an absolute beast and certainly not a bad start for Microsoft as it releases its first every desktop PC. Microsoft has promised to “Turn Your Desk Into A Studio, ” and by the looks of it, they have done just that.

Firstly, this thing is a sleek piece of art which sits on a double hinge that allows users to essentially flatten the massive screen to facilitate drawing and design. While its beauty is undeniable with a full aluminum body that can comfortably claim the thinnest LCD screen ever made at 12.5 mm in thickness housing a 28-inch (diagonal) display which provides and astonishing 3.5 million pixels. Yes, you read that right this brings more pixels to the picnic than 4K displays and on top of that it is a full on touch screen in every aspect.

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Microsoft has truly gone “hands on