Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 Owners Face Keyboard Issue

Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 Owners Face Keyboard Issue
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Another issue has been reported with the Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones.

This time there have been problems reported with the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones. It appears that the Samsung Keyboard is malfunctioning in the stock email app, writes Aaron Mamiit for Tech Times.

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Samsung Keyboard problems affecting stock email app

While the problem is certainly far less dramatic than the exploding battery that affected the Galaxy Note 7, it is still annoying. If you use the stock email app to manage your emails on any of the affected phones, you will find that the Samsung Keyboard malfunctions.

Several forum posts have appeared reporting the issue. A user called andy121212 posted to say that he had problems typing in the stock email app on a Galaxy S7 edge. The post said that some apostrophes were replaced by quotation marks and autocorrect changing properly spelled words to badly spelled ones.

The original poster said that the issues continued even when features such as auto caps, auto replace, auto punctuate and auto space were switched off for Samsung Keyboard. There was apparently no solution to the problem, even after calling company support on two occasions. On one occasion a member of staff accessed the smartphone remotely to look at the keyboard settings.

Downloading third-party keyboard app is a workaround

According to the thread, the problems continued even after the keyboard settings were reset. The user was then told to take his device to a Samsung store.

More users then joined the thread to report the same problem. One tried using Google Keyboard instead of Samsung Keyboard and found that it fixed the problem. As a result, the issue lies with Samsung Keyboard.

At the moment the issue is affecting various models of the Galaxy S line, but there is no fix available. The explanation for the issue with Samsung Keyboard is not yet fully understood.

Samsung continues to suffer a bad run of luck

One theory is that the issue may result from a server-side upgrade that Samsung is putting out for the stock email app or the Samsung Keyboard. According to SamMobile, this is evidenced by the small number of people that have reported the problem.

If you are suffering the issue and don’t have time to go into a store, you can fix the issue by using a third-party keyboard. There are many different options when it comes to Android keyboard apps, but they will all operate slightly differently to the Samsung Keyboard. Pick wisely!

The issue may be a minor one, but it is part of a string of problems that have affected the company. Aside from the shelving of the Galaxy Note 7 after two recalls, seemingly small issues add to the impression that all is not right at Samsung.

While the company may yet recover, customers are deserting the brand as things stand. Data shows that 50% of Galaxy Note 7 customers have since switched to the Apple iPhone 7.

If these customers can be lured back, then things might return to normal. However, if people find that they enjoy using iOS, the company could have a problem on its hands.

The company is throwing its weight behind the upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone, and it needs to do a good job this time round. In the meantime, it’s important that the company can prevent any further issues that damage its brand.

Another botched launch could spell disaster for the Korean tech giant’s smartphone business, leaving Apple to dominate.

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  1. I have a S7 active and the Samsung keyboard replaces the vowels in correctly typed words to numbers. ( ie: in is 8n; land is l9nd) I’m beyond frustrated at this.

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