Brink of War: Russia Sends Nuclear Missiles Into Baltic


Russia could unleash an all-out nuclear war any second now, as Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to move nuclear-capable ships into the Baltic.

Russia moving its ships carrying long-range cruise missiles into the Baltic comes hours after NATO announced the biggest military buildup near the Russian borders since the Cold War era.

Just a day (!) after Russia unveiled its terrifying Satan 2 nuclear weapon, which can destroy an area the size of Texas in one blow, Putin ordered to move Russian nuclear-capable ships into the Baltic.

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Could it be a coincidence? That’s unlikely, because Putin has been strategically smart about his military moves this whole month.

US is helpless against nuclear Russia

Russia now has the nuclear force that allows it to launch simultaneous nuclear attacks on not just one enemy (the U.S.), but a number of enemies (the U.S., Germany, the U.K., etc.).

What does the U.S. has to offer against Russia’s revolutionary nuclear weapons? Only a laughable number of NATO troops on Russia’s border.

To put that in comparison, NATO’s “biggest military buildup” on Russia’s border would be 4,000 troops. And that’s while NATO knows that Russia has some 330,000 of its war-driven, blood-thirsty troops stationed close to Western borders.

It’s fair to say that if Putin ordered his massive amount of troops to attack NATO, his guys wouldn’t even notice the laughable 4,000 troops trying to stop them. That’s the reality.

The U.S. is now too busy preparing for Presidential election on November 8. Interestingly, the U.S. is largely divided and, as obviously, not exactly in the spirit to join forces to conduct military operations overseas.

Don’t make that mistake, next US president (Trump or Clinton)

Americans are too busy choosing between Republican candidate Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton. Interestingly, during the recent presidential debate, Clinton accused Trump of being Putin’s ‘puppet’.

Trump, meanwhile, accused Hillary of wanting to unleash World War 3 against Russia. And that wouldn’t be a wise move, Hillary.

In fact, considering Russia’s level of war readiness and willingness, it would be wiser to take Putin ‘furniture shopping’ instead of showing teeth, if you catch my drift (for those in the dark, it’s a reference to a recently-leaked tape from Trump’s controversial Hollywood Access video).

World War 3 coming soon: Look at FACTS

Let’s look at the facts why we’re standing on the brink of war and why Russia could unleash a war any second now:

  1. On October 3, Putin historically and loudly pulled out of a nuclear nonproliferation agreement that Russia signed with the U.S. last century.
  2. A few days ago, Russia wrapped its massive nuclear war drills involving 40 million (!) Russia’s civilians and military personnel as well as some 50,000 pieces of military hardware.
  3. In October, Russia moved its nuclear-powered Iskander missiles to Kaliningrad, which allows Putin to easily destroy Berlin (~510 km), Hamburg (~670 km) and other major cities of Germany, as well as Denmark’s Copenhagen (~490 km), Sweden’s Stockholm (~515 km) and the entire territory of Poland.
  4. Shortly after moving the Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad, Moscow threatened “painful” actions against Washington if it imposes new sanctions on Russia over Syria.
  5. In October, Russia’s state-run media has been ramping up its anti-American rhetoric, and there were even calls to prepare for an imminent war.
  6. Putin knows that there may never again be the chance to see the U.S. so weak and divided as it is now over its upcoming Presidential election.
  7. Russia has a whopping arsenal of 7,300 nuclear warheads, more than the U.S. and any other country in the world.
  8. Russia’s state-run media recently bragged that Moscow now has nuclear bunkers capable of sheltering 12 million people from nuclear strikes.
  9. And, finally, the Satan 2. On Tuesday, Russia unveiled the monstrous and terrifying nuclear weapon that is 2,000 times (!) more powerful than the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagaski in 1945.

US actions to counter nuclear Russia are laughable

Russia has been working on the Satan 2 for long 5 years, and the U.S. currently has no weapon to match.

Given the Satan 2’s nuclear payload, Putin would need only a few Satans to wipe out the East Coast of the United States.

The Satan 2, which can reach any point of the globe even if launched from Russia, is capable of evading radar defenses. It means that neither NATO nor the United States would see Russia’s nuclear strike coming.

And while the U.S. knows it’s helpless against the Satan 2 nuclear missiles, it would be rational to do at least something to deter Putin’s nuclear offensive.

Now, let’s look at America’s actual military actions after Putin said he is abandoning the nuclear nonproliferation agreement… The U.S. forms four battle groups with Germany, the U.K. and Canada that would be comprised of… 4,000 troops.

It’s 4,000 troops against Russia’s 330,000 war-thirsty soldiers plus Putin’s all-destructive nuclear weapons! Oh, right. There is also the additional 40,000 rapid-reaction force.

But the problem with that 40,000 rapid-reaction force is that it’s not rapid at all. NATO admits that it would take them up to 48 hours to deploy the rapid force. Scary things can be done within 48 hours, especially if you have the biggest and most sophisticated nuclear arsenal in the world…

Trump, are you listening?

Announcing their efforts to form four battle groups stationed on the territory of Russia’s neighbors – Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia – NATO officials proudly added that it was a clear demonstration that NATO is not “obsolete.”

NATO says that it’s a message to Donald Trump, who has previously called NATO “obsolete.” Well, was he wrong?

NATO is only proving that it’s so “obsolete” and inefficient that it’s incapable to see war threats in Russia’s recent actions. By moving his troops and military equipment closer to Western borders and by sending nuclear-capable missiles into the Baltic, Putin laughs in America’s face.

With less than two weeks left before Americans cast their votes for Trump and Clinton, we’re officially on the brink of World War 3, and Putin has proved it with his actions in October 2016.

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