Buy A Raffle Ticket And Win A Brand New Tesla Model S

Tesla fans in Illinois get the chance to become the proud owner of a Model S if they buy a raffle ticket. The Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA), which has more than 400 members and is the Illinois chapter of the American Solar Energy Association, is running the raffle. The organization raises awareness and advocates for solar energy.

Buy A Raffle Ticket And Win A Brand New Tesla Model S

“Green Your Ride” raffle to win money for a Tesla Model S

The “Green Your Ride” contest is being billed as allowing entrants to win a Tesla Model S, although the grand prize winner can choose $60,000 in cash if they would prefer that instead of the car. The car itself is valued at more than that, as the car is valued at $71,200. If the grand prize winner takes the Model S, they are responsible for all the taxes and fees related to the purchase of the electric car.

ISEA is running the contest as part of its fundraising efforts for this year. Tickets are priced at $100 apiece, or entrants can buy four tickets for $300. The organization will sell no more than 2,500 tickets for the raffle, and the drawing will be held on Dec. 8. Tickets are being sold now through Nov. 30. If ISEA doesn’t sell at least 2,000 tickets, then it won’t give away the Model S. Instead, the grand prize winner will receive half of the net proceeds of the raffle in cash.

The second and third prize winners will each receive a battery-operated Radio Flyer Model S for kids or $500, whichever they choose. Radio Flyer released the Model S for kids earlier this year.

Not the first time a Tesla is being given away

Of course Tesla isn’t a solar company, but electric cars are considered to be greener than those with internal combustion engines. The automaker is also planning to acquire SolarCity, so it’s not so strange for an organization focused on solar energy to be giving away a Tesla. Another organization, Climate Xchange, which pushes for carbon pricing in Massachusetts, ran a similar raffle in December 2015 to give away two Teslas.