Pokemon Go Gen 2: Everything You Need To Know

Pokemon Go Gen 2: Everything You Need To Know
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The release of Pokemon Go Gen 2 will be absolutely critical for Nintendo considering the financial success that the game has been since it was released. However, despite its initial success story, there is no doubt that the number of active players is diminishing rapidly, and this new release is intended to address this regrettable trend.

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Pokemon Go Gen 2 steady approach

Until now, Niantic Labs has been fairly conservative with the patches released for the game, but the new buddy system which has emerged would seem to indicate that a game-changing second generation update is on the cards. Perhaps fans of the game will hope for more from Pokemon Go Gen 2 than is realistic, but there is reason to hope that numerous new Pokemon will be included in due course.

Nintendo has already requested the developer of the software, Niantic Labs, to continually update the software with the intention of keeping the game fresh and interesting. But the second generation rollout will undoubtedly determine the future of the game.

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150 Pokemon

Pokemon Go Gen 2 has been rumored for some time, with speculation on the matter suggesting that it will make its debut in the foreseeable future. Some media reports have indicated that the second generation update is likely to appear once the first 150 Generation 1 Pokemon have been released into the wild.

New characters mooted

One of the most obvious expectations for Pokemon Go Gen 2 is the introduction of several new characters. It is notable that the likes of Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres have been omitted thus far, suggesting that Nintendo is taking a slow drip approach to introducing Pokemon into the game.

It has also been reported that breeding will be possible in the second generation Pokemon update. This rumor has come about due to the exclusion of Ditto from the original Pokemon game. Numerous Pokemon Go players have suggested on Internet forums that the introduction of this creature into the second generation release will result in breeding being made accessible. Other single-gendered Pokemon such as Chansey, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Jynx, Kangaskhan, and Tauros could also appear via this feature. Pichu, Pikachu’s baby form, could also be included in Pokemon Go Gen 2. This would obviously be particularly popular, as Pikachu is such a massively recognizable character.

New trainer options

Additionally, trainers are expected to have more starter options in Pokemon Go Gen 2, with the new batch of pocket monsters including several from previous Pokemon Gold and Silver releases. This will likely include Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile.

And numerous first generation Pokemon could also be handed evolutions in “Pokemon Go” Gen 2, according to some reports. This would include the likes of Crobat, Bellosom, Politoed, Slowking, Steelix, Hitmontop, Blissey, Kingdra, Scizor, Espeon, Umbreon, and Porygon 2.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 release date

In terms of the release date of this update, whispers in the media have suggested that Pokemon Go Gen 2 will arrive within a couple of months. However, other reports have indicated that it will not to see the light of day until as late as March next year. This gives avid Pokemon Go players the opportunity to prepare for the second generation of the game, with actions in the software now preparing users for the anticipated evolution of the title.

Importance of candies

Pokemon Go Gen 2 is expected to see several Pokemon that are led by Porygon introduced to the game, and these will all have the ability to evolve. However, as ValueWalk has reported previously, candies are believed to be the primary requirement of Pokemon evolutions in Pokemon Gen 2. This means that trainers can benefit from stocking up on candies in order to prepare for new evolutions in Pokemon in the game, which will include the likes of Politoed, Crobat, Hitmontop, Kingdra, Espeon, Scizor, Slowking, Bellosom, Porygon 2, Espeon and Umbreon.

Collecting candies can be an arduous undertaking, as it requires quite a significant amount of walking. But this is, of course, why Pokemon Go is a healthy game for gamers to participate in, and utilizing candies wisely between now and the release of the second generation title will also help trainers.

New evolutions

Exciting news for Pokemon fans revolves around the release of the latest updates to the existing version of the software. The game updates decreases the amount of animation time Pokemon require to evolve, with 20 seconds now required to complete an evolution. This should enable Pokemon trainers to evolve more Pokemon at any given time, and Nintendo hopes that this will help to retain the popularity of the game.

It is expected that this feature will be both continued and even improved in Pokemon Go Gen 2, meaning that players will be participating in a fast-moving and more exciting game. It would enable Pokemon Go trainers to invest more time in actually training their new creatures, and thus improve more rapidly at the game.


Another interesting suggestion is that the next generation Pokemon title will include region-locked characters. It has been reported by sources close to Nintendo that Miltank will only be available in North America and Heracross may only be found in Asia. This has been all the talk of Pokemon forums across the Internet, but it has certainly not been confirmed by the developer at the time of writing.

Battles coming?

Above all else, Pokemon Go fans want to see the Pokemon Go Gen 2 release significantly evolve the way that the game is played. While this has been a hugely popular title, it hasn’t escaped the attention of even the most ardent players of the game that it is ultimately a rather limited piece of software.

What Pokemon Go players want to see more than anything else with the Pokemon Go Gen 2 update is the ability to battle other Pokemon Go players in a more sustained and interesting fashion. It surely wouldn’t be too difficult to include the battles that have been part of the previous Pokemon titles, and this would make the game more dynamic, more interesting and more engaging.

Niantic Labs is likely working on it this feature right now, and it will probably be introduced when Pokemon Go Gen 2 sees the light of day.

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  1. There is a lot they can do with a game like this, but the battling system, friendly battles and trading is what i think they should prioritise, tracking does not bother me as i know exactly where pokemon spawn in my location.

  2. Simply adding new pokemon will not save this game, if they expect to keep me playing they need to significantly improve the battling experience and tracking experience. Frankly, new pokemon is last on my list of needs.

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