Pokemon Go Could Face A Winter Effect

Pokemon Go Could Face A Winter Effect
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Some Pokemon Go players are now experiencing the freezing winter season when they go outside to catch some Pokemon or hatch some eggs. However, winter is not favorable to them this year as some of the frozen places are so difficult to tread that trainers would prefer being inside their home, notes iTechPost.

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Winter a tough month for Pokemon Go players

Pokemon Go trainers wish to keep on playing the mobile game as they have been for the last four months, but the harsh winter is not allowing them to do so. The cold weather makes it impossible to stay outside longer than 10-15 minutes or even less if several inches of snow are blocking their way on the door’s threshold, says iTechPost.

After a player facing this problem posted pictures of the snow on Reddit, talk of quitting the game has surfaced among other players. But there are some dedicated Pokemon Go trainers who are still discovering and sharing ways to play the game despite the winter season. Many players are advising others to use cross country skis on thick snow to hatch some eggs, notes iTechPost.

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In addition, there are users who find the winter season an added advantage as their smartphones are not overheating anymore. Skiers, meanwhile, are finding that riding lifts are great ways to hatch some eggs and that snow resorts have many Gyms and Poke Stops, although many dedicated Pokemon GO players claim the snow and wintertime are going to separate Trainers from Poke Masters.

Unfulfilled promises from Niantic

It’s been almost four months since the release of Niantic’s augmented reality game, and the developer still hasn’t implemented all its promised features. Most of the promised features were showcased in the trailer the company released with the game. However, fans are still waiting, and some have started to care less for the game, which is now facing a steady decline in users.

Pokemon Go still lacks a trading system and has no proper tracking system. In terms of social interactions, the popular mobile game has become very limited. Though recent updates like the ability to bring five Pokemon to train at a single time, and semi scaling CP in enemy gyms are liked by many Pokemon Go trainers, there are many users who claim that everything the popular game advertised appears to be completely different from the gaming experience it is today.

The game will die if it does not release any of the demanded features by the end of the year, said a Reddit user.

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