Man’s Life Saved In Afghanistan As Nokia Phone Stops Bullet

Finnish brand Nokia has a reputation for making phones that last forever, and this latest story is testament to their durability.

As the legend goes, phones made by Nokia are pretty much indestructible. Stories abound of the handsets being found years after they were last used with the battery still charged, and surviving falls from great heights. Now Peter Skillman, a Microsoft employee that worked on the Nokia 301 handset, has tweeted that the phone saved a man’s life by stopping a bullet.

Photo by Iain Farrell, Flickr

Nokia 301 takes bullet for owner

While many people use the classic 3310 as an example of the strength of Nokia phones, it appears that the 301 is a good bet if you’re looking for longevity. According to a tweet from Skillman, a bullet hit the phone and got stuck in its body. This destroyed the handset but managed to keep its owner safe from harm.

“A Nokia phone I worked on a few years ago saved the life of a man in Afghanistan last week.  The embedded bullet….” tweeted the Microsoft employee.

Surviving a direct hit from a bullet is testament to the strength of the phone, and it could have saved the man’s life. Interestingly enough this wouldn’t be the first time that a Nokia phone has warded off death for its owner.

Handsets famous for their durability

In 2014 a Lumia 520 handset blocked a bullet in similar circumstances. The hit helped to stop the bullet from wounding a Brazilian police officer.

In China, a man was saved by his Nokia Lumia 920 handset. He put the phone above his head to block debris from a falling wall, and walked away with only slight injuries.

The phones are also famous for their long battery life, a feature that saved another Chinese man’s life. After falling from a mountain path in Taiwan, the man was stranded while authorities searched for him. Remarkably, his ten year old phone kept its charge for five whole days before rescuers were able to track him down.

Smartphone users must wish that their phone battery lasted for even half that time, let alone that their device was capable of stopping a bullet for them. Who needs a bodyguard when you’ve got a Nokia in your pocket?