Kim Dotcom Proposes ‘Trump vs. Clinton vs. Putin’ Twitter Poll


According to a poll run on Twitter by internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, Vladimir Putin is the people’s choice to become the next president of the United States.

Now that sentence may sound slightly confusing, so here are the details. Kim Dotcom asked his Twitter followers to choose between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as their choice to take over in the White House.

Poll shows Putin with a commanding lead

While this is hardly a well-run survey using a fair sample of respondents, it may surprise you to hear that Putin came out on top. The current Russian president beat out Democratic candidate Clinton and Republican candidate Trump, according to Twitter respondents.

With more than 5,000 votes cast, Putin had 53%, Trump had 25% and Clinton just 22% in response to the question: “Who do you want to be the next President of the United States?”

As both candidates face off in an increasingly bitter race, it has become clearer that Trump and Clinton are two of the least popular candidates in U.S. history. Trump has faced renewed controversy over a video in which he made remarks about sexually assaulting women and getting away with it, while Clinton suffers due to Wikileaks releasing transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street firms.

Will Ron Jeremy ever be president?

Many Americans have been questioning whether or not there could be a better alternative to Clinton or Trump. While few of them would name Putin among the possibilities, there have been some creative suggestions on Kim Dotcom’s post.

One of the more sensible was former Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders, while others were straight out of left field. One Twitter user claimed that porn star Ron Jeremy would be a good shout for president.

“@KimDotcom Next president? Ron Jeremy,” wrote user @Jrr473.

While Dotcom refused to say who he would vote for, it would appear that he isn’t the biggest fan of Clinton. He tweeted his support for the publication of thousands of secret emails by Wikileaks, saying that they expose her “dirty politics.”

“Check out @Wikileaks. It’s the hottest place on the Internet right now. @HillaryClinton’s dirty politics exposed. Thank you @Russia. LOL,” he tweeted.

Clinton rubs Dotcom up the wrong way

Taking a look at more of Dotcom’s tweets reveal one possible explanation for his anti-Clinton stance. “Hillary Clinton signed my extradition request. I’ve signed her final chapter in politics. Maybe,” he said in a message.

German-born Dotcom is subject to an extradition bid from the United States, where he is wanted for copyright infringement and money laundering charges. Dotcom currently resides in New Zealand, but got into trouble with U.S. authorities thanks to his file sharing website Megaupload.

According to U.S. authorities, Dotcom was one of four men that paid users to place content on Megaupload despite the fact that it was subject to copyright. They allege that the group made more than $175 million as a result.

Prosecutors also claim that Megaupload was responsible for losses of over $500 million among copyright holders. Dotcom’s business has unraveled, but prosecutors want him to serve jail time in the United States.

However the man himself is making the most of his continued freedom, with this Twitter poll the latest piece of evidence. Putin will never become president of the United States, but it’s interesting to see that Dotcom still has an ax to grind with Hillary Clinton. Her popularity has suffered due to various past actions, and Dotcom is just one of many people that are apparently doing their utmost to make sure that she doesn’t sit in the Oval Office.

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