It’s Looking Like Samsung WILL Release The Galaxy Note 8

Many believed Samsung when the company suggested that it would be temporarily rescheduling future deliveries of its beleaguered Galaxy Note 7, but sometimes pulling the plug is better. That’s precisely what Samsung did when it moved from a temporary hold to a final discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7, but the company is not getting rid of its flagship phablet and will release the Galaxy Note 8 next year.

samsung galaxy note 8 concept
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Galaxy Note 7 was Samsung’s Hindenburg But…Galaxy Note 8

The success of the Galaxy Note line before the debacle that was the exploding, fire starting nature of the Galaxy Note 7 is enough reason for Samsung to continue the line’s production next year with the Galaxy Note 8 in its thinking.

While some would argue that its far too late and that consumers will avoid it like Drew Barrymore in Stephen King’s “Firestarter,” Samsung disagrees and will look to the Galaxy Note 8 to reverse the dark days that Samsung is going through at present. Unfortunately for the company, the phone I use in the Galaxy S7 Edge (which I love) has allegedly seen its third instance of starting on fire or exploding in just over a month.

The Galaxy S7 Edge is arguably, and in the minds of many tech writers, the best smartphone on the market. However, if two or three more catch fire, Samsung could be forced out of the smartphone sector, or, at best, always be remembered for the potential safety risks when consumers are considering the offerings of Huawei and HTC.

But, it looks like Samsung is going to throw caution to the wind and continue its work on the Galaxy Note 8, for a release next year and hope that the market gets collective amnesia or simply desires the feature-laden Note 8.

Samsung Offers South Korean customers an upgrade program for the Galaxy Note 8

Samsung is nothing less than a shining star in the South Korean economy, and the company is calling on South Korean consumers to forgive its release of the Galaxy Note 7. Again, the company has arguably the best smartphone on the market in the Galaxy S7, and the company announced yesterday that Note 7 owners could trade it in for a Galaxy S7, either flat or curved-screen, and then upgrade to a Note 8 phone when it’s released next year.

Samsung is asking customers to pay half the price of the Galaxy S7 and then will allow them to trade it in for next year’s Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 when they are released.

The announcement yesterday effectively bolstered the company’s insistence that the Note line would not be discontinued and that it would manufacture at least one more Galaxy Note in the Note 8.

It’s estimated that because of the problems of the Note 7, Samsung is looking at associated losses nearing $6 billion in the third quarter alone but the company believes that it can mitigate the losses to its reputation by pushing the Galaxy S7 and its upgrade that should see release in February following the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next year.

While the company has yet to announce whether a similar upgrade plan will be introduced to other markets, yesterday’s announcement sent a clear message that the company would fix the problem rather than abandon a popular line of phablets.

Class action lawsuits will dog the company for a bit as it tries to move forward, but the Galaxy S8, and Galaxy Note 8 could help the company put this disaster behind it.