iPhone 8 Rumor Roundup

It just wouldn’t be Monday without the need to explore the leaks, rumors and general nonsense guessing that is already revolving around the iPhone 8 that is likely still nearly a year out if Apple follows its pattern of September releases and how it goes about naming its new offerings.

iPhone 7 is nice but nothing groundbreaking

Unlike Samsung that seemingly wows after each and every release of its new flagship phone, as expected Apple showed us a nice phone with improved performance over the iPhone 6S but little more beyond a new color and a its first dual-camera with improved zoom on the back of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the iconic iPhone and that will only add pressure to offer something truly stunning and revolutionary. Quite simply, consumers are getting a little tired simply improved versions of something we’ve seen for quite some time from the Cupertino, CA giant.

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Apple needs to shake things up and it will likely begin with the introduction of its first OLED screen and the elimination of a physical home button opting to make it part of the display.

Many people are suggesting that Apple will finally offer and edge-to-edge screen that will put the top and bottom bezel in the past.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, a generally reliable Apple source, is calling for a 5.8 inch display and with the elimination of the two bezels could see the iPhone become smaller reversing the trend Apple has worked with in the last two years.

An Apple patent from 2015, gives us good reason to think that the home button and Touch ID sensor will be worked into the display, many are also calling for a glass back that was  used in the iPhone 4 and fondly remembered.

The iPhone 8 absolutely must go OLED

It’s widely believed that the use of LCD screens by Apple will stop this year. While the iPhone 7 Plus is one of the best displays on the market, OLED will offer more color, brightness and resolution.

There is a persistent rumor making the rounds that suggests that Apple has ordered about 100 million OLED screens from Samsung with next year delivery. If Apple sticks with the two phone release that the company has used the last two release cycles, it’s possible that only the iPhone 8 Plus(?) will have the OLED upgrade.

Apple is playing second fiddle to Samsung in its flagship displays with the Galaxy S7 Edge rocking Quad HD resolution to Apple’s 1080p resolution in it’s flagship iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple ready to embrace wireless charging with the iPhone 8?

One would certainly hope that Apple is ready to try its hand with wireless charging as so many Android handset manufacturers have over the last couple of years. Apple, for better or worse, dropped the 3.5mm headphone jack with the new iPhones and while we’re guessing it won’t do away with the power cord altogether, it’s hoped that Apple will finally offer the option of charging its devices without a cable.

As always with Apple, don’t expect them to begin talking about its plans for the iPhone 8 anytime soon as the company seemingly insists on remaining tight-lipped about nearly everything it does including the worst held secret in Silicon Valley that has Apple working on a self-driving car that could hit the road in just a few short years. Until then we will simply have to wait for leaks from the supply chain and the never ending rumors that are sure to pick up next year.