Inflation Is Economic Cancer

Inflation Is Economic Cancer
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Inflation Is Economic Cancer by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money

Informed readers understand that the mainstream media is nothing more than an echo chamber for the propaganda of the banking crime syndicate which rules over us, previously dubbed the One Bank . The economic propaganda generated by these puppet masters is the most damaging and misleading area of mass-brainwashing to which we are exposed. This is because it is economic propaganda, in particular, which facilitates the systemic crimes of the One Bank.

Out of this vast compendium of economic mythology, the most misleading and most malicious of all this propaganda is inflation/deflation mythology. A recent commentary focused specifically on deflation mythology. Deflation is portrayed by the bankers, the puppet politicians, and media drones as the ultimate evil. Anti-deflation mythology is not merely totally opposite to the truth, but the fear-mongering on this subject borders on hysteria.

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The reason for such shrill brainwashing on the subject of deflation is a simple one. For the financial criminals of the Big Banks, deflation is their greatest fear, like silver bullets to a werewolf, or a holy cross to a vampire. The difference is that bankers are real creatures, and their phobia towards deflation is very, very real. What does deflation do, in a capitalist system? It cleanses it.

Deflation is the one and only mechanism for purging bad debt and malinvestment from any economy. The Big Bank crime syndicate is nothing more than a $1+ quadrillion , steaming mound of malinvestment. Should a real deflationary wave ever be unleashed upon our economies, it would vaporize these institutions of financial crime. Parallel to this, one of the main crimes/products of the One Bank is systemic debt: drowning everyone and everything in excessive volumes of debt – and then collecting “interest” on all that debt. Debt slavery .

Should deflation ever impact upon the insolvent economies of the Western world, our insolvent corporations (including the Big Banks themselves), and insolvent individuals, the only possible outcome can/will be Debt Jubilee . Our debts must be wiped clean, since it is mathematically impossible to continue to service all this debt – let alone repay any of it. No more debt = no more Debt Slavery. The weapon which the One Bank wields against governments, corporations, and individuals alike would be taken away from it.

Is it any wonder that the One Bank fears deflation more than anything else in the universe? Anti-deflation mythology is its top propaganda priority, matched only in its necessity and intensity with the parallel mythology concerning inflation. But deflation is more than the bane of financial criminals, and corrupt, insolvent regimes. It raises our standard of living.

By definition; deflation means that our (paper) currency is rising in value. For every dollar of wages we earn, we can purchase more goods and services. Deflation is, not surprisingly, something that none of us has experienced in our own lives, except for the childhood memories of our most-elderly citizens. The previous commentary on deflation also provided a look at some of the evils of inflation, since inflation and deflation are the opposite sides of the same coin.

Similarly, in order to properly explain the cancer which is called “inflation” it was also necessary to provide readers with some context of its opposite, deflation. Deflation cleanses economies of bad debt/malinvestment. Inflation is the fertile soil in which malinvestment flourishes, and debts are able to soar. However, this marks merely the beginning of the evils of inflation.

To properly illustrate the evils of inflation, it is first necessary to engage in definition of terms. Regular readers are well aware that the correct definition of inflation is an increase in the supply of money (i.e. “inflating” the money supply). When the supply of money is increased at an excessive rate, inflation is a financial crime. It is the mechanism by which the ruling banking class steals the wealth of all other individuals and entities in that system.

In the absence of a gold standard, there is no way to prevent the confiscation of savings through inflation. – Alan Greenspan , 1966

A gold standard makes it impossible for a central bank to increase the supply of money at a rate greater than the increase in the supply of gold, i.e. a near-zero rate. At worst, a gold standard minimizes inflation; at best, it germinates into economic utopia: a low but steady deflation, as our standard of living steadily rises.

The consequence of inflating the supply of money, and the evidence of this financial crime is the serial increase in prices which must inevitably result from excessive creation of currency. This price inflation is what the lying bankers, politicians, and media drones call “inflation”. They pretend that this consequence of the bankers’ excessive money-printing is some separate, exogenous force rather than the inevitable consequence of their original money-printing crime.

For newer readers who fail to see the criminality involved here, some further context is necessary. Who currently receives all of the new funny-money conjured into existence by the central banks, for free? The Big Banks: the owners and masters of all Western central banks. The central bank lackeys give all of their newly-printed currency to the Big Banks, for free, which obviously and excessively enriches these institutions of crime.

Meanwhile, the price inflation created by the printing of all this funny-money makes everyone else poorer. Every dollar in our pockets, every dollar of our savings, every dollar of our wages purchases less and less and less goods and services. It is, naturally, the opposite of the Virtuous Circle of deflation, where our currency buys more and more goods and services – and thus our standard of living rises.

With inflation, the banking crime syndicate gets wealthier and wealthier, usurping the wealth out of these paper currencies, merely by bestowing upon themselves ever larger mountains of these fraudulent, fiat currencies. This was the meaning of Greenspan’s warning, the inevitable consequence of central bank money-printing – uttered before he became, himself, the world’s premier central bank criminal.

Using the metaphor of cancer to depict this relentless process of enriching bankers and impoverishing everyone else is a natural analogy. Like cancer, inflation is always and exclusively destructive, despite the lies of the bankers/politicians/presstitutes that we “need” inflation in our economies. We would never, and could never need cancer. We would never, and could never need inflation.

Like cancer; there is no level of inflation which is either healthy or benign. Even a low rate of inflation is cancerous, it merely destroys our economies and impoverishes our societies at a slower pace. No level of cancer in our bodies could ever be tolerable, let alone benign. No level of inflation in our economies could ever be tolerable, let alone benign.

Only the money-printers and their Big Bank masters are immune to the harm of inflation/cancer, because only the money-printers and their Big Bank masters are “immunized” from the disease by having mountains of central bank funny-money bestowed upon them, for free, in perpetuity. It is thus no surprise that there is no group within society which more loudly and relentlessly proclaims our “need” for inflation above the bankers themselves. They need inflation. It is the premier tool for their systemic financial schemes and crimes, the lynchpin upon which the One Bank relies for its survival.

If we purge the cancer of inflation from our societies and economies, we eradicate most of the systemic crimes of the banking crime syndicate, and seriously cripple all the rest of its systemic (and illegal) activities. What do the central bank criminals mean when they tell us that “inflation is too low” ? It means that their Masters are wanting to rapaciously devour our wealth at an even greater rate than at present.

This also explains why the central bank lackeys and their Big Bank puppet masters continuously lie about the rate of inflation, via the absurd statistics pedaled by the puppet politicians of our corrupt regimes. We’re told that “inflation” (i.e. price inflation) is near-zero, while in the real world, food and housing costs are skyrocketing higher at the most-rapid rate of our lifetime.

There has never been more inflation in our economies. The central banks have never before conjured so much funny-money; the One Bank has never stolen so much, so rapidly, at any other time in history. Meanwhile, the bankers pretend that there has never been less inflation in our economies, i.e. they pretend that their rate of theft of our wealth has never been lower.

Nothing could be more Machiavellian and perverse; nothing could be more typical of the Big Bank criminals, and their armies of lackeys in central banks, government, and the media. We don’t “need” cancer, we have never needed cancer, and we could never need cancer.

Remember the cancer metaphor every time you listen to these serial liars proclaiming the virtues of inflation, and you will never be deceived by their pro-inflation propaganda, ever again. Remember that inflation is cancer, and it will be impossible to be deceived again by anti-deflation mythology. Inflation is the disease; deflation is the cure.

Jeff Nielson is co-founder and managing partner of Bullion Bulls Canada; a website which provides precious metals commentary, economic analysis, and mining information to readers and investors. Jeff originally came to the precious metals sector as an investor around the middle of last decade, but with a background in economics and law, he soon decided this was where he wanted to make the focus of his career. His website is

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