Charts That Matter – October 2016

Charts That Matter – October 2016

India’s Gold Imports: Charts That Matter – October 2016 by Ritesh Jain

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India’s gold imports at 13 year lows!

A combination of low inflation, stable currency & hunt for black money?

How A Weakening PE Market Serves As Another Sign Of A Weakening Economy

InvestAmid the turmoil in the public markets and the staggering macroeconomic environment, it should come as no surprise that the private markets are also struggling. In fact, there are some important links between private equity and the current economic environment. A closer look at PE reveals that the industry often serves as a leading indicator Read More

India’s gold imports are the lowest in last 13 years with the exception of Oct – Nov-13 when the govt. imposed a 10% outright duty

Source: Morgan Stanley, TATA AMC


Is this why the Reserve Bank of India delivered a rate cut? Focus turning to growth from inflation

India's Gold Imports

Source: Jefferies

India’s emerging class is a larger part of the Indian Consumption Market

India's Gold Imports

Source: CMIE, Morgan Stanley

Fastest Growing destinations for leisure travel spending (2016-2026)

India's Gold Imports

Source: World Economic Forum

Deep Pockets: The nationality of luxury good customers

My notes

  • US & China combined represent half of world’s luxury goods consumption
  • China’s share in this pie is much bigger than the US
  • China’s size of luxury goods market is roughly thrice of rest of Asia (ex-Japan)

India's Gold Imports

India's Gold Imports

Source: Bloomberg

India's Gold Imports

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