Google WiFi Pre-Orders To Open November For $129

Google has unveiled its home wireless router known as Google WiFi, which will sell for $129.

The device follows on from the Google OnHub, which has received a warm reception since its launch last year. Google WiFi is not a replacement for OnHub, but addresses a different need. The device has been introduced on the Google Store.

Google WiFi
Image source: Google

Larger networks made easy thanks to Google WiFi

Google WiFi makes it easier to create larger networks with different access points, in much the same way that Eero does. At the same time Google WiFi is about the same size as the Amazon Echo Dot.

The new Google device is capable of making a “mesh network” which runs throughout your house. This means that there should be a strong network in every different room of your home.

It is also possible to control the network from your smartphone. One feature lets you cut off access for certain users, which may prove to be popular among parents.

According to Google, one Google WiFi router is stronger than the vast majority of consumer-grade routers. However it is not possible to test these claims until the device ships.

Google WiFi
Image source: Google

Google to start pre-orders in November

Pre-orders will start in November, but you can already join a waitlist at the Google Store. One Google WiFi router is priced at $129, while a 3-pack will set you back $299.

The home wireless networks space has become increasingly crowded as more manufacturers join Eero in offering devices. Google is selling its Google WiFi system for considerably less than Eero, which retails at $199 for one or $499 for three. Aesthetically speaking the two systems are very similar, with units looking a bit like white hockey pucks.

Google has developed some new technologies for the system. This includes intelligent traffic routing from your device to the closest WiFi unit. There is also support for simultaneous dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.

Other technologies include beamforming and Bluetooth Smart support. According to Google the system wil be able to deal with channel management and traffic routing automatically.

Home WiFi has been vastly improved thanks to the latest technologies, and Google WiFi will hopefully push the envelope even further.