Apple Inc. Forgets iPod’s 15th Birthday: No Celebrations, No Wishes

Apple Inc. Forgets iPod’s 15th Birthday: No Celebrations, No Wishes
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Apple, it appears, does not have a very good memory. Today is the 15th birthday of the iPod, and the smartphone maker is not even celebrating. Tech blogs are celebrating the birthday of the iPod, and International Business Times even named today as National iPod Day. However, Apple seems to have forgotten the iPod’s birthday, notes Gizmodo.

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Apple not celebrating iPod’s birthday

Apple did no press release, and there was no tweet from Apple Music or from Apple’s official account or Support team. There is no tweet from Tim Cook either. The iPhone maker is still making the iPod nano, touch and shuffle, but it is no longer listing the products on its website’s navigation. In 2015, the Silicon Valley giant announced that it would halt reporting sales of its iPod.

The iPod, which was Apple’s pride and joy once, has been isolated on the island of obsolete tech now. Steve Jobs introduced the iPod to the world on October 23, 2001. The iPod, which was a white, sleek device with a big beautiful wheel, innovated the mp3 device. It was, after all, the iPod that gave birth to a much better successor, the iPhone.

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For the iPod, it is a bittersweet birthday as it is close to being obsolete, and it feels like the tech giant is keeping the device on life support. The least the tech giant could do now is give the device some respect as these are the last days of the iPod, says Gizmodo.

New MacBooks coming Thursday?

Meanwhile, there are just a few days left before Apple’s next product event, but a new rumor about a MacBook appears to be interesting. Citing a KGI Securities report, 9to5Mac claims that the tech giant will reveal three new MacBook models on Oct. 27.  The new models will be a new 13-inch MacBook Pro, a new 15-inch MacBook Pro and a new 13-inch MacBook.

In recent weeks, most rumors have focused on Apple’s aging MacBook Pro line, but since the claims come from KGI — a particularly accurate source — it makes this report noteworthy. The reports say that the laptops will feature “many” upgrades, but no details are listed.

In addition, the report claims that the iPhone maker will not debut new external displays or new iMacs this week. Also the report states that those product lines will not be updated until 2017.

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