Donald Trump: Google Is Conspiring Against Me

We all know that everyone and everything are conspiring against Trump as he runs for an office he is not fit to hold, and if you listen to a speech from last night, Google has joined the list of those that don’t wish to see him win come November. Hell, that’s likely true but his rational holds no water.

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore, Flickr

Trump accuses Google of “suppression” and talks of non-existent “Google Poll”

Let’s be very clear before I go on, I don’t much care for Hillary Clinton. That said, she is not a two-bit con man, with thin skin and a penchant for whatever bat sh*t crazy conspiracy theory that is meant to be the flavor of the day. Whether his “birther” nonsense, a defective microphone that saw him clearly lose the debate that he believes he won, CNN, non-existent voter fraud, the weather and God….there is clearly a conspiracy. Now, and congratulations Google, you’ve joined the ranks of invisible forces out to get this huckster.

In a speech on Wednesday night in Waukesha, Wisconsin Trump seemingly thanked Google for all his press while accusing the search giant of “concealing” bad news about Hillary Clinton.

“A new post-debate poll, the Google poll, has us leading Hillary Clinton by two points nationwide,” he said, “and that’s despite the fact that Google search engine was suppressing the bad news about Hillary Clinton. How about that.”

Thing is there is no frickin’ “Google Poll”

In order for a conspiracy theory to hold any water, they shouldn’t be able to be debunked as quickly as you can finish reading them like this one. I would hope that most reading this believe that we landed on the moon on numerous occasions. If not, that’s your right, but I hope we all agree, at least, that there is a moon orbiting the Earth.

I hate giving this baboon any credit nor my help but I’m guessing he was speaking of a Google Consumer Survey conducted by Independent Journal Review which is certainly not scientific by any means and did show him with at 1.7% lead.

Trump being Trump, couldn’t just leave his deception there but then focused on the thoroughly debunked theory that Google is “suppressing” negative autofill search terms about Hillary Clinton.

“Google search engine was suppressing the bad news about Hillary Clinton,” Trump said referring to a viral conspiracy theory put forward by Sputnik News, a Russian government-controlled news agency, a couple of weeks ago and drank like Kool-Aid by “news” outlets like Breitbart News and others.

For example, if you were doing a Google Search of “Hillary Clinton cr”, “criminal” was not given in the search box using autofill, so clearly something is afoot here in Trump’s mind and just part of the worldwide conspiracy against him.

(It should be pointed out that if you typed in “Hillary Clinton cr”, also didn’t produce “Crimea” in case you were simply checking to make sure that the former Secretary of State was aware that Trump’s pal Putin and Russia did indeed annex this region of neighboring Ukraine.)

Does Trump have no shame?

I hope that anyone reading this is now screaming “Clearly, Brendan he does not.”

“Brendan, he’s attacked Indiana-born judge for his Mexican heritage and deemed them unfit to stand in judgement of him and his scam of a “university.” Brendan, he goes after Gold Star families simply based on their religion to fuel his Nativist and often outright racist base. Brendan, you’re reasonably well informed, I’ve read your work before do I really not remember all the other scurrilous things he’s said about our mothers, sisters and daughters? Do I need to remind you that this man is a proven liar with little knowledge of anything that sees stalwarts in his own party publicly endorse Clinton if only as the lesser of two evils? C’mon Brendan Wake Up! He’s a muppet on a good day and wholly unfit for a job at Dairy Queen never mind the Presidency of our great nation.”

I say, with a good deal of confidence, that this will not be the last time that this muppet puts forth unfounded conspiracy drivel before the election. Hell, I would be surprised if he makes it through the day.

Clearly, while there is some news here, this is also my opinion and do not necessarily reflect the views of ValueWalk though I sure hope they do as this guy is nothing short of a liar who will clearly say just about anything whether it helps him or not.