Pokemon Go: iPhone Jailbreak And Rooted Android Workaround

Pokemon Go: iPhone Jailbreak And Rooted Android Workaround
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If you like the freedom that comes with owning a jailbroken iPhone or rooted Android phone but also love to catch Pokemon via Pokemon Go, there’s some bad news. The latest update to the most popular game in the world removes support for jailbroken and rooted devices.

Niantic implements restrictions

In the latest update, Niantic has included restrictions for version 0.37.0 on Android and 1.7.0 for iOS. Both of these updates are working their way through devices with Pokemon Go installed and should be finished updating in just a few days.

The developer claims that this restriction aims to cut down on the amount of “bots and scrapers,” which tend to auto-play Pokemon Go for users and often charge a nominal fee for doing so. The problem with this restriction is that these types of services do not require a user to have a rooted or jailbroken device. It is more likely that this restriction is aimed at those using GPS spoofing to cheat at the game.

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Workaround on Android for Pokemon Go

The problem faced by Niantic while trying to enforce its rules for the use of Pokemon Go is that it is up against an army of experienced, savvy hackers/coders who have already created a workaround on Android.

Reddit user TheJakeGaming said:

“I was browsing over XDA and found this flashable zip, Magisk. If you didn’t know, Pokémon Go uses a method called safety net to check for root. Which is the same thing Android Pay does. TopJohnWu has developed a program to get around that safety net enabling you to play Pokémon Go while rooted.”

Since this workaround was revealed, many Pokemon Go users have been able to use Magisk. There have also been tutorials popping up online aimed at helping those who are less technically-minded.

Pokemon Go improvements and bug fixes

This latest update is not just about removing the ability to play for those who want to cheat. It also adds some required improvements to the game, such as a fix for where eggs hatch without being animated. Plus, the highly-anticipated Buddy Pokemon has been added. This enables players of Pokemon Go to choose one of their Pokemon to be their Buddy and earn bonuses and candles for them while walking around.

Pokemon Go Plus Support

Last but not least is the inclusion of support for the Pokemon Go Plus wristband. Due to go on sale on September 16, the wristband will alert users to the presence of nearby Pokemon. This will allow players of the game to store their cell phones away safely in a coat or jeans pocket.

If you have no intention of getting a wristband, you can still use Pokemon Go Plus on an Apple Watch. The app will give you the ability to interact with Pokestops and get free items and XP.

Source: Ars Technica UK

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