Off To College? How To Get An A In Tech… [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fact: tech jobs pay well.

Fact: going to MIT is the best way to get a great tech job…or is it?

College is one of the biggest investments of our lives. Which schools can get you to $150K/year the quickest? (Within 2-5 years.) You may be surprised to see the answer.

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  • Rutgers University / $196,925
  • Stanford University / $181,747
  • Princeton University / $167,055
  • Carnegie Mellon University / $164,542
  • McGill University / $161,678

Rutgers? Yep. There is a complete infographic – with lots of other surprises – located here. Paysa, a salary transparency and careers platform, contains millions of salary records with information about base salaries and education. They took a look at schools producing the top tech talent to find out which grads make the most, which schools offer the best ROI, and what tech workers can do today to maximize their salary, whether they’re fresh out of school or workforce veterans.

Off To College? How To Get An A In Tech…

Off To College How To Get An A In Tech College