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Nissan Shows Off New Technology With Self-Driving Chairs

Carmaker Nissan has come up with a novel way of showcasing the self-driving technology that it uses in its vehicles.

In a new YouTube video, the Japanese company shows how its ProPILOT auto-follow technology can be used to make self-driving chairs. Now there is no need to stand in a queue, simply turn up and sit in a chair that will automatically follow the person ahead of you.

Nissan demonstrates self-driving technology with new video

Although we spend less time queuing than ever before thanks to the internet, there are still occasions when we have to stand in line. These new Nissan chairs are designed to make the whole experience easier than ever before.

The Nissan chairs have loads of sensors that keep them aware of where they are in the queue, and allow them to move forward when the next person moves out of the line. When they do so the now vacant chair rolls to the back of the queue, ready for the next occupant.

Keeping your weight off your feet may be a benefit, and it also gives Nissan the chance to show off its ProPILOT self-driving technology. However it does make you wonder whether we are heading towards a future in which we are constantly sitting.

Self-driving chairs make queuing a cinch

There is a famous scene in the movie Wall-E which shows fat future humans sitting in pods from which they never have to move. We might be a way away from that moment, but self-driving chairs for queuing is another step in that terrifying direction.

On the other hand the advert can be seen as just a bit of fun that demonstrates technology that will probably never become commonplace. It’s a good way of showing how the autonomous driving features of Nissan full-size vehicles work.

Self-driving vehicles continue to advance despite recent crashes suffered by Tesla. Other companies, such as Lyft, continue to develop the technology, and it seems like only a matter of time before we are being ferried around in self-driving cars.

While that may be a major benefit, self-driving chairs are arguably a step too far. After spending all day sitting at a desk, most people relish the opportunity to spend a bit of time on their feet.