Nintendo NX: Subscription Games, 32GB Of Memory, Split Directional Pad

Nintendo NX: Subscription Games, 32GB Of Memory, Split Directional Pad
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Now that we have Sony’s latest, the PlayStation 4 Pro, announced and out of the way, it is time to turn our attention back to the various rumors about the Nintendo NX mobile/console hybrid. As luck would have it, there are of rumors plenty to talk about. So let’s dig right in.

To start with, we’re going to take a look at what Nintendo NX rumors Segment Next has been talking about recently.

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Nintendo NX subscription Games

For one thing, it’s thought that Nintendo is considering creating a subscription system for users who don’t want to buy games outright. This system would see users paying a $10 monthly fee, and Nintendo would give the hardware (the NX) away for free.

However, apparently this is not the only solution in the words, as paying cash upfront is still going to be an option. As for how gamers will respond to having this kind of choice, we will have to wait and see. But Sikandar Mahmood at Segment Next believes the whole idea of a subscription model is uneconomical.

As for the affordability, $10 is not that much to pay for the rights to play new Nintendo NX games. Yes, this equates to $120 per year or $240 over two years. But just how many games a user would be able to play for that amount is not known. Some rumors are suggesting that Nintendo’s subscription model could be multi-tired, with $20, $30 and up to $50 per month being currently considered.

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From our point of view, using the Nintendo NX to entice new players to try out games is a good idea. Many gamers would probably jump at the chance of using the device for a relatively small subscription fee.

Nintendo NX with 32GB of memory

Emily Rogers is apparently a Nintendo insider who has recently had access to a Nintendo NX prototype, and she has taken to tweeting about it, telling her followers everything she claims to know. Apparently the device will have a similar amount of memory to the Nintendo Wii U at 32GB, but that’s all she appears to have said on this subject.

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Split gamepad and share/social button

Having taken a look at the Nintendo NX prototype image, it look as though there are going to be a few notable differences. One such difference could be with the traditional Nintendo gamepad. Although it is usually solid and well connected, with the NX, we could be about to see it being split apart into four different buttons.

As for the above-mentioned sharing button, no one yet knows if Nintendo intends to use it for grabbing screenshots or video clips, but if it does, this would be similar to the Miiverse seen on earlier devices.

However, the problem with rumors is that they are just that, and Nintendo has confirmed nothing. So people viewing what could be prototype images of the Nintendo NX need to take the design and information with a grain of salt.

The final device itself may include a gamepad with a traditional D-pad and buttons or one or the other. Any combination could be a work in progress.

Tegra X2-powered device

It is being suggested throughout the tech world that the Nintendo NX will be equipped with the powerful but yet to be officially unveiled NVIDIA Tegra X2 chip. Initially, it was thought that the device would be the recipient of the X1 chip.

However, a consensus has been reached by analysts and bloggers, who have decided that the use of this particular chip would lead to an underpowered device hardly capable of what many rumors are suggesting.

Nintendo may reveal the NX next month

According to Digital Trends, Nintendo could surprise the world by announcing the big reveal of its mobile/console hybrid in October. This would come as great news to those fans who are currently living off the daily round of leaks and rumors.

Whatever the Japanese tech giant decides to do with the Nintendo NX, there are undoubtedly many gamers out there who would jump on board no matter what. However, with a console that will likely be no more powerful than the original PS4, it is going to have to have some fantastic titles to lure people away from the likes of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S.

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