Nintendo NX: Price And Obsession Are Keys To Success

Nintendo NX: Price And Obsession Are Keys To Success
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Right now almost everything known about the Nintendo NX is based on assumptions and rumor. So as it stands, it’s a veritable enigma, and the mobile/console hybrid is expected to launch in six months’ time. So let’s have a look at what is currently being said about it and why price and fan obsession could be the keys to the device’s success.

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Nintendo NX: what’s expected?

The consensus at this moment in time surrounds the form factor of the NX. It’s thought, thanks in part to leaked images and patent schematics, that the console will be a hybrid — a mobile/console that can be held in the hand and used while on the move and also connected to a TV.

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Early rumors suggested that the device would be powered by an NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip. However, they have since been replaced by a new Tegra X2 chip story which, if accurate, could mean the Nintendo NX will be as powerful as the first-gen PlayStation 4.

The price of failure

It’s not thought that Nintendo intends to aim the console at a niche market; instead, the device will go mainstream. If Nintendo gets it right with the NX, it could turn out to be the most profitable of ventures for the company. However, if the unthinkable happens and it ends up being a flop, Nintendo could go the way of Sega and the Dreamcast and have to switch its business model to software only.

Recently Michael Pachter, an industry analyst, spoke to Gamingbolt, about how he believes the Nintendo NX’s success is tied to its price.

He mused:

“If the NX is a handheld with a docking station, it could have trouble getting noticed. I think that NX will sell well if it gets third party support, and for that to happen, it has to be something that publishers think will sell well. It’s still impossible to have a forecast when we don’t know what it is or what it will cost. If it’s a console and costs $199, it will sell extremely well; if it’s a handheld and costs $399, it’s dead in the water. The odds are that it’s something in between, but I don’t want to guess until I see what it is.”

Having read what Michael Pachter had to say about the Nintendo NX, specifically, the price, I have to agree with him. If what we already know about it is true, pricing at the same level as the PS4 Pro would be suicide for Nintendo. However, if Nintendo manages to keep the price somewhere between $250 and $299, the Nintendo NX could be a hit.

Fans getting obsessive about the Nintendo NX

A short while ago, Nintendo announced that Pokemon Go would be made available for the Apple Watch. Then, to the surprise of almost everyone, the company announced Super Mario Runner. This has left many expectant Nintendo NX fans a little worried and obsessed about when Nintendo will announce the device. In fact, it seems to have become almost a full-time obsession for some fans who stalk Nintendo pages for information.

Now before you think I’m complaining about fans being obsessed with the Nintendo NX, I am not. Personally, I believe that it’s great for fans to be able to express their desire for a company’s products. However, not everyone thinks the same way, and they are entitled to their opinion. So let’s have a look at what some fans have been saying.

Expectant Nintendo NX fans take to Twitter

Recently Polugon published an article which showed exactly how many posts resulted in people changing the question/topic to questions about the Nintendo NX. And they’re not alone; Twitter comments for Nintendo North America also show that people are crying out for NX news.

Nintendo NX Tweet 1
Image Source:@4Bidden_Duck/Twitter

In the tweet above, Ryan’s comments, which are tame compared to some, reveal that he is hoping that the Tokyo Game Show will have something for those wanting to know more about the Nintendo NX. But take a look at the following Tweet aimed directly at the Twitter account of Nintendo North America. Twitter user Noi has resorted to almost begging for information in all caps. Plus, he seems frustrated by the mention of Paper Mario Color Splash:

Nintendo NX Tweets 2
Image Source: @NintendoAmerica/@Noi20XX/Twitter

You can see from the tweet above that Noi is desperate for some Nintendo NX news, so much so that he’s prepared to buy a game he doesn’t want. However, what has become apparent over the past year is that Nintendo operates on its own timeline, and no amount of obsession or harassment from fans or the media will bring about NX news any quicker.

So with that in mind, it looks as though we may have to wait until October for some insight. But then again, it could be the actual launch date of March 17, 2017 before we hear anything concrete.


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