What Moves Futures Markets [INFOGRAPHIC]

What Moves Futures Markets

We’ve always loved the CME Group’s great infographics slicing and dicing the ‘facts behind food prices‘, ‘facts behind oil prices‘, and ‘facts behind beef prices‘ going into items like the percent of Corn mandated for Ethanol, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (mad cow), and oil rich Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

In looking over the factors at play in each market, you can’t help but notice that there’s some common elements at work across these different commodities. We all know supply and demand affect prices, but what exactly are the supply/demand levers – and what other facts/factors affect prices. We couldn’t help but mashup the CME’s three infographics into our own piece, highlighting 5 main categories of events that move futures prices this way or that. Enjoy:

What Moves Futures Markets

What Moves Futures Markets

An infographic by the team at RCM Alternatives


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