Michael Norman Says “If I could short Bill Ackman I would” [Well He Can]

Michael Norman who LOVES trolling Kyle Bass has a new target – Bill Ackman. He says Ackman wont be a hedge fund manager for long and that he would short Ackman if he could, why? Because Norman does not like Pershing’s new stake in CMG because the PE ratio is above 16 – obviously that makes sense although there are other valuation metrics – Norman also says Ackman is a gold doomer like Peter Schiff – not sure where he got that since Bill is not really a gold bug or doomsday prepper but okay….


Back to the main point, well Mike you can short Ackman since he holds a very concentrated portfolio and his listings are public all you need to do is take the opposite side of the bet on each trade – but a much simpler and even cheaper way to short Ackman is directly available to investors like Norman – Ackman’s Pershing Square Holdings is publicly traded so Norman actually can easily short Bill. Will he now that we explained the very simple ways of doing it? We doubt it.

Anyway, Norman is arrogant throughout the video but he is spot on about Soros Jr and has some funny lines about Alex Soros and his punchable face so I am unsure about Ackman but in agreement RE little Soros.

See the video below.

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