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iPhone 7 Price In Dubai, India And Pakistan

If you don’t live in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Japan or Europe, etc., there’s a chance that Apple has not released theiPhone 7 and 7 Plus for sale there yet. However, if you’re deciding whether to get one or not and want to know the price in your country, we’ve taken a look at iPhone 7 prices around the world.

iPhone 7 price in Dubai (UAE)

Unlike in the U.S. with its September 16 launch date, Apple decided to launch its latest handsets on the following day in Dubai. The launch of the handsets caused a sensation among consumers.

In fact, an Apple salesperson told vanguardngr.com on the day, “100 percent of our stock had been sold within minutes of official stores opening.”

The lines were as impressive in Dubai as they were in New York or London, with reports from security officials stating that they began to form nearly 48 hours before the handset launch.

At any rate, the 32GB iPhone 7 prices are as follows: Black 23GB/AED 2599, Rose Gold 32GB/AED 2975, Gold 32GB/AED 2975, Silver 32GB/AED 2975.

The 128GB iPhone 7 prices are as follows: Jet Black 128GB/AED 2999, Black 128GB/AED 2999, Rose Gold 128GB/AED 3250, Gold 128GB/AED 3260, Silver 128GB/AED 3260.

The 256GB iPhone 7 is priced: Jet Black 256GB/AED 3399, Black 256GB/AED 3399, Rose Gold 256GB/AED 3399, Gold 256GB/AED 3399, Silver 256GB/AED 3399.

iPhone 7 price in India

Unfortunately, the wait continues for consumers in India. Both new handsets are set to go on sale there on October 7. Unlike in other countries where the excitement for Apple products is high, in India, it’s the opposite, according to Yahoo India, which reported that fans couldn’t be less excited about the launch.

As for where you will be able to purchase one, Apple doesn’t have an official store in India, so it uses resellers like Flipkart. No pricing details for the iPhone 7 have been officially been revealed yet. However, many are suggesting that the following prices are likely. The 32GB will probably cost Rs. 60,000, 64GB Rs. 70,000, 128GB Rs. 72,000, 256GB Rs. 80,000.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be available in the same colors that are available elsewhere, meaning Jet Black, Matte Black, Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver.

iPhone 7 price in Pakistan

If you’re looking for an iPhone 7 in Pakistan, you’re going to have to wait for the official launch in early November. Additionally, no preorders are being taken, and there’s been no official word on the iPhone 7 price, although one site, homeshopping.pk, has listed the 32GB Black version of the handset for Rs 97,990.

It’s unclear why the iPhone 7 will appear in Pakistan two months later than it has landed on the  market in other countries. However, it is not believed to be due to lack of interest in Apple’s products in the country.