iPhone 7 Owners Complain About Bluetooth, LTE Issues

iPhone 7 Owners Complain About Bluetooth, LTE Issues
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When Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the company hailed it as a bold move. The removal of the headphone jack meant users would have to rely on the Lightning port or use Bluetooth to listen to the music. Now iPhone 7 and 7 Plus owners have started complaining about Bluetooth issues and LTE-related problems.

BMW still testing iPhone 7

Users have taken to Reddit, Apple’s support forums, MacRumors forums, and social media to complain about the issue. The Bluetooth connectivity problems appear when users try to connect their iPhones with their car’s infotainment system. Most of the affected users are BMW owners, but some Hyundai and Kia owners also reported the issue.

Even when users were able to connect the iPhone 7 to their cars, the Bluetooth audio playback kept cutting out every few seconds. In an official statement, BMW said it was aware of the issue. The automaker said it was still testing the iPhone 7, and the device has not yet been approved for BMW vehicles. BMW advised the iPhone 7 owners to look for an iOS update from Apple that could resolve the issue.

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Verizon users report LTE connectivity issues

Meanwhile, Verizon subscribers who have purchased the new iPhones are experiencing problems with LTE connectivity. Users are expressing their anger on various forums such as Reddit and Apple’s Support Communities. Reddit user Kangalex said the iPhone 7 fails to automatically connect to LTE when the phone is out of WiFi range. The issue persisted even after Verizon replaced the iPhone’s SIM, which indicates that the problem could be with the iPhone’s software.

Other Verizon subscribers said their VoLTE calls would get disconnected, and the LTE connection would be restored only after turning off VoLTE. Verizon replaced devices for some complaining customers, but even the replacement devices were facing the same problem. The carrier is routing many customers to Apple.


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