iOS 10 Has A Magnifying Glass Feature For Your iPhone

Apple’s new iOS 10 operating system is packed with new features that are designed to make your life easier.

At the WWDC Keynote event, Apple introduced the top ten additions that it believes are the most important. However there are plenty of smaller changes that are worth looking out for.

Magnifier app boosts accessibility of iOS 10

One such feature is the Magnifier, which can be found in iOS 10 Accessibility settings. This particular menu has been growing recently, and it’s about time.

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As things stand there are too few options for users that have specific needs. However Apple has got a good suite of such options in iOS 10, where they can be activated at any time.

Magnifier lets you use the camera on your iPhone or iPad to make things look larger. The magnified image is delivered thanks to a new camera user interface, which is completely different to the standard Camera app.

The interface uses the iPhone display as a view finder, and as such allows users to look at what’s in view. You can then move the magnifier to the content of interest in order to take a closer look.

Here’s how to use the new feature

Apple has baked in a few features that give Magnifier a bit of extra depth. One of those is instant access to a flash that can be used in low-light, while there is also a lock focus feature. You can also take a freeze frame if you want.

An icon in the app lets you adjust contrast and brightness in order to see content more easily, and perhaps most importantly there is the zoom slider.

If you want to take a look at Magnifier for yourself you can activate it from the stock Settings app. From here hit General > Accessibility > Magnifier and hit the on switch. Now triple press the home button to set the feature in motion.

iOS 10 suffers a few issues after launch

As is often the case with new operating systems, there have been a number of problems with iOS 10. First off some people noticed that the GIF feature in iMessage was displaying hardcore porn images when certain terms were searched, while others found that they had trouble connecting to the T-Mobile network.

More seriously there have also been concerns over security. A serious flaw has been discovered in the local password-protected iTunes backups. This means that hackers could access data backed up to iTunes.

Apple said that it was working on a fix. According to a company spokesperson there is also an issue with encryption strength for iTunes backups stored on a PC or Mac. A new security update will fix this issue.

While Apple looks to iron out the creases in the new iOS 10 operating system, it must be said that most people are happy with the update. Sales of the newly-launched iPhone 7 have also been strong, with Apple struggling to keep up with demand for the new Jet Black finish.

Even just weeks after the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple watchers have turned their attention to the 2017 iPhone 8. It is rumored that the company is working on a major overhaul of the smartphone, which may see OLED display units used for the first time.

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest Apple news.