Hyperloop Technology Could Be Coming To India

Until recently the idea of hyper-speed travel was only seen in science fiction, but that could change with Hyperloop.

The Hyperloop concept was trademarked by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and involves hyper-speed travel in capsules propelled through tubes. Now it has been reported that talks are under way regarding the introduction of the technology to India, according to The Better India.

India could be set to get hyper-speed transport links

Musk’s company SpaceX has been providing guidance to two U.S.-based companies on the Hyperloop idea. Both Hyperloop Technologies and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) are reportedly now in talks to bring hyper-speed travel to India.

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While the technology is still being developed in the United States, talks are already underway about bringing hyper-speed transport to India. The country currently suffers from terrible infrastructure problems, and Hyperloop could offer a solution.

It is an attractive proposition because it does not need lots of land to build on and can offer relatively low fares for its hyper-speed journeys. It is currently estimated that Hyperloop capsules could run from Chennai to Bangaluru in half an hour, and Mumbai to Delhi in just 90 minutes.

Government approval needed for Hyperloop project to go ahead

The technology involves linear induction motors and air compressors which are used to propel the capsules through tubes. It has already been tested safely without human passengers, and the next step is to make the experience safe and pleasant for human riders.

The companies are on the hunt for investors, man power and approval from the Indian government. If they can make the project work, the panorama of travel in India could change significantly.

“Transportation is a multi-billion dollar industry that has yet to meaningfully innovate against issues like gridlock, pollution and traveler discomfort,” said Bibop Gresta, Chief Operating Officer of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. “We see our role as taking responsibility for introducing that innovation.”

The companies say that they will be able to offer safer, more comfortable services in far less time than existing air routes. The technology will also allow them to charge far less for tickets, which may be the most important consideration for riders.

It would be an exciting development for India if it were home to hyper-speed transport.