Hillary Clinton’s BlackBerry Ltd Phones Bought On eBay

In an effort to keep Hillary Clinton’s email use in the news and keep the masses from focusing on the batsh*t crazy nonsense that comes from Donald Trump’s mouth on a daily basis and his late-night small handed tweets, it’s come to light today that Hilary Clinton bought older, discontinued BlackBerrys on eBay when she was serving as Obama’s first Secretary of State.

Source of Hillary Clinton’s BlackBerrys seems quite irrelevant

If Hillary Clinton were selling her BlackBerrys used when she was Secretary of State that would be newsworthy without question and we would likely be looking at a Trump victory come Novemeber. But, that quite simply is not the case here but “news” outlets like the New York Post and others like the Washington Examiner seem to want to make it news.

“I don’t want to get into this too much, but part of what was happening with the secretary of state was, she was acquiring technology that wasn’t even supported by BlackBerry,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) told a forum in DC on Wednesday, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

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Thing is, with statements like that it’s quite clear that Rep. Chaffetz does “want to get into this too much” and will go out of his way to continue to call for additional investigations of the democratic presidential nominee.

“You couldn’t buy it. She was actually buying this stuff off of eBay because somebody was selling their old machine. That’s what she liked, so she did. It creates this huge vulnerability. And it’s unnecessary,” the House Oversight Committee chairman continued in front of an audience at the American Enterprise Institute.

According to an FBI report released last week on Clinton’s email use, the former Secretary of State used 13 separate BlackBerry devices in her four years of service as the United States’ leading diplomate.

According to the report, Clinton often lost or misplaced her personal BlackBerry devices she used after the goverment rejected her request for a device the NSA had built for President Obama.

During the investigation into Clinton’s email use, she and her aides were unable to provide the FBI with these devices though Justin Cooper, an aid to Bill Clinton told the FBI that he took a hammer to no less than two of Mrs. Clinton’s BlackBerrys.

When the FBI declined to charge Clinton one might be lead to think the whole affair was behind her, but among other reasons it hasn’t gone away is that she’s Hillary Clinton and this is an election year.

Chaffetz has promised to continue wasting tax payer’s dollars by using his committee to continue to investigate Clinton.