A GTA 6 Announcement This Week Is Highly Unlikely

Grand Theft Auto is undoubtedly one of the most important, influential, and celebrated video game series in all of history. Ever since its first release in 1997, every installment in the series has been a highly rumored, speculated, and anticipated release. As Grand Theft Auto 5 was released a few years ago in 2013, fans are starting to get anxious for the next installment, GTA 6.

Since many rumors have been swirling about in the past few months, fans are beginning to expect an announcement soon. However, looking at how Grand Theft Auto games have released in the past, here is why it won’t be coming anytime soon.

GTA 6 announcement, though highly desired, is highly unlikely

All Rockstar Games fans have now hopped aboard the hype train this week as the video game developer will reportedly announce a brand-new AAA title this month. Many expect the company to announce GTA 6, and that it will happen at this week’s Sony-centric PlayStation meeting on September 7th, dedicated to the upcoming PlayStation consoles.

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So, will Rockstar announce GTA 6 this week? The answer is no. While the all-new title would be a dream come true for seasoned GTA gamers and Rockstar fans, the game will likely not arrive no soon.

Regarding GTA 6’s release date, most expect it to be sometime in 2018. Keep in mind that this would fall in line with the general 4- to 5-year gap timeline set by Rockstar Games’ franchise. If the company decides to follow this pattern, players should expect to see the game released in the aforementioned year. If not this year, then it is very possible that the studio will unveil the game at next year’s E3 conference.

A new Red Dead Redemption title in the works?

So what is Rockstar planning on announcing? Well, it could be a couple of different things. Fans only have a couple of more days until they find out for sure. Speculation has gone wild as to what project Rockstar will finally reveal after such a tedious wait.

A new Red Dead Redemption title is one of the most desired games wanted from the studio. The enormous success of the first Red Dead Redemption title back in 2010 has prompted desire for the release of a follow-up installment. Six years has passed since the release of the original, and Rockstar has remained completely silent regarding the subject.

Given the span of time between now and the first title’s launch, a Red Dead Redemption 2 reveal looks very promising. Besides, the original title has made it as among the Xbox One backwards compatibility games. This could be a subtle hint that a sequel will likely come down the pipeline soon.

Rockstar could be planning new DLC for GTA 5

A new GTA 5 DLC story has also made the rounds online as one of the potential reveals for Rockstar. However, the game studio has kept anything regarding such a project under complete wraps. Instead, the company releases waves of new content for the game year after year, rather than an expanded story offering. Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company, has confirmed that there will be new content for GTA 5 until Spring 2017.

So will there be a new story DLC for GTA 5? Realistically, the fifth title to the series saw its release back in 2013, which means that the current title is only three years old. Given this information, it could be plausible that Rockstar would launch a new story DLC title as a “last hurrah” for the game.

Bottomline, whatever Rockstar does announce this month will without a doubt please fans. While many hope for an announcement regarding GTA 6, this just seems highly unlikely. However, if a new Red Dead Redemption or GTA 5 DLC are announced, fans will certainly still be happy.